Know Thyself

Know Thyself

So here is the thing…… if you say to someone: “I love you.” Who is the “I” you are referring to? Throughout history ancient mystery school scholars and philosophers like Pythagoras, Aristotle, wrestled with the question: “Who am I”? Who are we as humans? Are we all little broken-off pieces of the same body, individuated since before birth? Or are we the result of nature vs. nurture?

Where does your unique fingerprint, quirks and idiosyncrasies come from? Your grandparents and parents? Or does this predate your birth and bloodline? All mighty good and facilitation questions I think!

I have a confession to make. A dirty dirty confession…… I’m a lady of the night……..

I DON’T SLEEP (much). Haven’t since school days, still don’t sleep much at night. Truth be told: I LOVE NIGHT TIMES! It’s quiet, I can experience the world in peace and quiet with my dogs, there is not much human activity outside and I can spend time with my family, behind my pc and well, a cup of whatever is on the menu that night.

Has that always served me? Sometimes not so much! Especially when I was still in school and very active in corporate! I would be working till 2 or 3 O’clock in the morning, and behold, need to be on a flight to Johannesburg at 6 O’clock! Let’s just say I’ve had many close missed airport encounters and I am almost ALWAYS the woman sleeping wide mouthed (I just pray every time that I won’t wake up snoring!). Not very lady like but hey, hard habits are even harder to break – especially if you refuse to take sleeping tablets!

So what is the ever so long winded point I’m trying to make?

For quite some time I kind of was beating myself up for not being awake when other normal humans are seemingly at their sun shiny peaks. The: “Why are you not getting it together, Leonie!” conversations! To top it all I married an absolute early bird and the fact that my husband and I managed to bring two kids into this world is nothing short of a miracle!

As time went by, I figured out a couple of things about myself:

  1. I have a massive connection with the moon. I have learnt that the moon is a gentle influence on the planet, yet it can pull the ocean from shore to shore. The moon is very faithful to it’s nature and it’s power is never diminished. The moon shows up no matter what phase (state!) she is in! The moon is about transformation and rebirth. Also about change, it is the only constant on earth.
  2. My totem animal is a CAT! Not just any cat – a mountain lion! Cats definitely don’t enjoy sleeping at night! That is when they hunt! They are especially adapted to see at night and they are agile, resourceful beings that can climb over almost any obstacle in their path with fair ease!
  3. My husband has a massive connection to the sun. So it would make total sense for us to be complete opposites, yet go perfectly together! The moon shines her light because of the reflection of the sun on her! She just makes the light softer for us humans and life to be sustained on earth – or all of it will be scorched!
  4. I am fascinated by the contrast between light and darkness. The darker it gets – the better LIGHT shines! I’m also a photographer and the capturing of the contrast between the two makes a forever branding dilemma for me. I can’t choose a “style” of photography to display on my website for consistency! I am forever and totally in love with the light and airy, breezy kind of photos I take! But then I get immensely excited about the dark and broody images I tend to frequent too! Not to mention anything that is a mighty colour explosion! This doesn’t go so well with the monochrome trends going around! So again, I might not be that much fitting in. And truth be told, I can not be all that bothered about it! Why fit in if you can stand out? I’m attracted to colour explosions!
  5. I am a Taurus!! That missed Gemini with three hours! THREE HOURS!! Imagine that dilemma! I’m basically a hard working, hard talking, strong person with two different personalities! I don’t move easy, yet I carry the gift of change (how’s that for the twin conflict!) but I am stable and consistent and I LOVE luxury and beauty around me, while talking in front of people and teaching is my favourite thing to do in the world! I have a few planets out of whack and not only did I choose to come and learn about love and forgiveness on this planet – I packed myself a double dose of the unconditional love lesson! And one of my best ways to create and manifest on this earth is by setting up and figuring out systems!


Every day, as I’m starting to put the puzzle pieces of my life together, everything starts to make sense – in a weird, cosmic sort of mysterious way! Perhaps there is something in my origin, in my individuality, that was looking towards the shadow of the Creator? Perhaps I was standing side by side or back to back with the Light or perhaps I was casting my light at the moment of Creation – who knows?

I just know that with every piece of my life that starts to make more sense, I get healed. I allow myself to release any separation or illusions of separation from God that I experienced. I allow myself to love myself unconditionally, which in turn, teaches me to love others unconditionally!  And that is truly liberating!  Am I close to getting it nailed? Off course not! I’m a work in progress! But I’ve learned enough about myself to also listen to the inside voice if it tells me something is wrong!

What weird and unusual quirks do you have? Have you noticed any differences between you and “other” humans? Have you been proud of that, or has it on some level been bothering you that you didn’t quiet “fit in” into mainstream society?

This is among one of the million things I’ve managed to uncover about myself since I’ve joined The Modern Mystery School 10 years ago! Don’t even get my going about the stars, star signs and all the planetary influences at birth! For that I will time and time again refer you to the most amazing Astrologer I know, Aleksandra Ceho from Master the Stars! Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to an online star sign reading with her – it is literally out of this world! How well do you know yourself? If not – what are you doing to lift the veil?

Love and Moonlight! Leonie 

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