Judgement or Discernment?

Judgement or Discernment?

It has almost become politically incorrect to “judge” these days. And I say almost, because God knows, the world will be a better place without human judgement for sure. I think its clear from what we observe in society – we are far from achieving fair treatment for all, thereby clearly all judgements has not be eradicated yet. But can we exist in a world without any judgement? What would this look like? And truthfully, I agree, one should try not to judge, but I don’t know anyone who has not judged someone before! I hear it a lot: “Oh no, I’m not judgemental, all are welcome, I accept all kinds”. This always makes me chuckle a little bit!

Please go and Google the following titles:

  • Chest Hair Art
  • Most Tattooed Man
  • Woman with Longest Nails in the World

Still sure you don’t judge anyone? And you might not say this out loud, however, I dare you to be true and honest about what thoughts was going through your mind when seeing these pictures! Or, what if I ask you to let these people move into your house, or work with you on a team in your business! Yes, we most certainly judge! We have been and we will again! So coming from a pious stand point is not going to help anyone much. I simply don’t buy the “I don’t judge” statements.

I do however, think there is really a lot of confusion about what judgement really means. I hear the following from good meaning individuals too: “I don’t want to judge” or “I’m not judging them” (and then they go ahead and judge the person straight out). It is almost like they are throwing their lack of intention to judge, out there to deflect attention from the opinion they are about to express. Almost like a precautionary measure. I believe it stems from not wanting to be told off as being “wrong” for judging, so they take out an insurance policy or setup an exit clause to mask what they honestly feel about the person or situation. Wrapping your judgements or observations in a cloak of “I’m not judging” is a dishonest way of communication. On the receiver’s side, disarming the speaker’s valid points, by calling observations out as judgements, is a clever way to manipulate. So throwing the word “judgement” out at someone as speaker or receiver can be very misconstrued in my opinion.

This is also I believe, how our society has become disarmed. Yes, in many ways we come from a past of being extremely marginalised. But our political correctness can easily be used against us as a collective. Those wishing to manipulate us from a point of personal gain, can easily just cry “injustice” and “they are judging you” to sow division and continue to drive their hidden agenda. We see this playing out in governments every day, and truth be told, if you look back into history (like ancient roman times) – it was very clear and apparent who was on the right side of history. But hindsight is always 20/20 right?

This is where I believe personal and collective discernment comes into play. And I believe it is really important to clearly be able to distinguish between what is an observation, what is a judgement and what is personal discernment about a situation or a person.

So what is discernment? To me, discernment is having clarity about who you are and what your contracts are on this earth. The more clarity you have and the more you know yourself, the more you will be able to discern when to engage on something and when to walk away. Purely having a strategy of avoiding conflict, is not going to help you achieve your agreements with God and the Souls you chose to walk this earthly path with. For me, going against my gut feel is a betrayal of myself, and anything that requires me to accept anything or anyone indiscriminately is a red flag. I know myself and I trust my gut feel. (I’ve paid dearly over the years to be able to make that statement with confidence). And if my gut tells me something is wrong – it is wrong and I have learned that it is my right to choose my subsequent actions accordingly. And that can easily be described as being judgemental.

What is judgement? Anyone who has an opinion about something that they’ve not done before, or that they are not doing in that moment would be casting judgement for me. In other words: the bench players.  Also, if you do not know what someone’s contracts in life are, how can you decide for them what their action should be? If you hardly know yourself, how can you possibly assess or determine if someone else is on their true North? And yes, them staying true to themselves can cause conflict between you and that person! They don’t always have to roll over and step out of your way to get to their true North!

Judgement could impose limitation.

To judge could also be to “separate” yourself from. To socially segregate people by law and having different rights for difference race groups and genders – most people will agree – it’s not ok to separate (or judge). But when it comes to self respect and who you choose to surround yourself with – in other words the company you keep – is that not judgement? You meet someone and straight away you know that this is not the kind of person you would like to spend time with. Being polite is one thing but you also have to respect yourself and your space, so you might not want to hang out all the time? Or must we just always be opening and welcome with everyone regardless? So by that analogy, must we all leave our doors wide open for crooks and homeless people to pop over for a cup of tea occasionally – because we do not judge?

What is an observation?

This begs the question: who has the right to judge you for your decisions of who and what to involve in your life? And by questioning someone’s choices for themselves, are you not judging them? Thereby doing exactly what you are accusing them of? What about things that you observe in other people? What if you have spent years conquering something (e.g. use of drugs or alcoholic tendencies) and you instantly recognise that behaviour pattern in someone – are you judging or making an observation?

The question becomes – how do I develop my discernment (or my gut)? How can I “grow” that muscle through this journey called life? In The Modern Mystery School we have a couple of tools to unlock this ability to discern. To start with – we have a very ancient healing modality called the Life Activation this is the first step you can take to actively improve your level of perception. Following that, you can do a class called Empower Thyself, where you will receive a sacred initiation into the mysteries and teachings of The Mystery School. This initiation will not only show you that you have choices, but it will significantly lift your vibration and frequency, allowing you more coherence with the angelic forces who are in fact supporting us on our journey here on earth. If you are in tune enough, you will get guidance from them and your Higher Self and you will definitely make better choices and decisions in your life! Once you completed Empower Thyself, you can attend Healers Academy 1 where your spiritual lenses will be cleared, as you will be immersed in a sacred healing temple for 5 days AND you will get your licence to give the sacred Life Activation healing to other people! This will lift your frequency even more!

What I’ve learned is that you can be angry at people for “judging” you, or “holding you back” or mistreating you. You can project your own traumas and hurt on others, as much as you like. But at the end of the day – it is your responsibility to raise your frequency and to fulfil your life’s contracts! It is your responsibility to seek out your own enlightenment and as much as you can temporarily try to divert the attention from your own lack of discernment or bad choices or lack of self respect and self love, at the end of the day it is YOU and YOU in the ring. The only thing that will help you make it to the top is the quality of your decisions. If you lack discernment and is easily manipulatable by people and their word choices/accusations, you will pay the price time and time again. The biggest form of self respect and self love is to “know thyself” the mantra repeated by mystery schools since ancient times. How well do you know yourself?

Love and Moonlight, Leonie

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