Is Your Mind Free?

Is Your Mind Free?

In some traditional belief systems, they believe that heaven and hell is a place. Other’s argue that heaven and hell is right here and we are choosing to live in one or the other. Hard to believe that someone would choose the suffering of loosing a child or living in a slum right? One thing we must remember, is that we chose our contracts of growth from the perspective of a higher self (who understands that there is no limitation, time does not exist and the truth of why we are living and conscious in this reality/planet). Before enlightenment however, we live on this earthly plane from the perspective of our lower selves – the part of us that is the shadow: limiting beliefs, unconscious, hurt, traumatized, separated, unhappy or hopeless. We live from that part of us that still has forgotten who we really are. If we only view the world from that lower viewpoint, life becomes hard, joyless, passionless, hopeless and basically unbearable.

Other traditions believe that heaven and hell exists in our minds only, and that what is happening around us is well, simply happening and it’s only our viewpoint or how we related to the scene in front of us, that creates the emotions of “good” and ‘bad”. This often makes our mind a very busy and lonely place.

Think about it – when you are engaging with someone on a social level – and you ask them questions about themselves. What do you do with that information? Do you ask the person because you are genuinely interested and because you want to get to know them better? Or are you simply asking so that you can store the information in a memory bank, should you have to make decisions for your “survival” on another day? Do you ask because you want to gain intel – and lets be brutally honest here – so that you can plan your next move on the chess board of life?

The latter is a very real condition for most people in this world (and I’m speaking from A LOT of prior experience). Our default setting is to subconsciously seek ways to ensure our own survival and preservation. But that is a very low level frequency to live (vibrate) on. The latter creates that hell inside our minds. A place where you must be always on alert, always planning, plotting, strategising – out wit, out smart, out perform. But is this really life? Is this what it means to be alive, is this what we came for? Is this paradise?

I believe not and if I look at the contrast in my life, now 12 years later, since I’ve learned to make my mind a place of peace, love, trust, compassion and kindness – life is so much more different! Now that I’ve learned to let go of the default setting – taught to my by many years of living and growing up as an innocent child through the worldly systems. Now, at age 43, I can see that there is a different way to life. There is a place where total peace exists and I am 100% in control of creating it! And in creating it for myself, guess what, I am creating it for those around me, and they spread that to those around them. This is why they say – be the change you want to see in this world!

If you want to create peace in the world out there – start by creating it in yourself and your own home. If you feel that you do not have the peace or tools to create peace in your mind, or if you are just curious about the power of the mind. Contact me and we can have a cup of tea – obligation free – you never know, you might learn something new and exciting to change YOUR LIFE! Everyone has a next level – even you!

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