Is the Modern Mystery School a Cult?

Is the Modern Mystery School a Cult?

I have always been extraordinarily drawn to the Spiritual – to that which lies beyond this physical existence. If energy cannot be destroyed (commonly taught physics principles in schools and tertiary institutes), then how can we cease to exist as consciousness after death? And what is our PURPOSE here on earth? Something must happen with my energy after I die? The description of “heaven” or “a personal cloud or castle that you are going to live in, and a house in the sky”, just didn’t cut it for me as a satisfactory explanation.


Conventional psychology also does not have the answers – not for themselves as practitioners, nor for their patients. My lecturer when I studied applied psychology made it very clear: 76% of all psychologists burn out! I almost fell off the chair I was sitting in! Was she trying to motivate me to continue my studies, or was she trying to give me a reality check? I don’t know – but I was certainly not impressed with the statistic she quoted and couldn’t make it my life’s work to dedicate myself to that school of thought. The speed at which these training, coaching and conventional therapy practices work, leaves me cold and it almost always ends in the prescription of tablets and medication, creating a dependency on drugs and chemicals to just be “normal”!!


One day I was talking to a gentleman in corporate who suffers from severe depression. He told me: “Leonie, I suffer from severe depression. I have been taking medication for the last couple of months and I can tell you this: Yes the tablets work in order to help me keep my negative emotions in place, hell, it even helps me to not commit suicide, however, when I come home at night and I see my kids, I FEEL NOTHING. And that is the price I pay for taking those tablets. I feel NOTHING. Not good, not bad, NOTHING.” That broke my heart in pieces!!!!! Right there.


No, I am not saying that no one should be using medication or get operations for physical trauma, or all that “go natural” anti-vaccs kind of propaganda but MY WORD – is there really no other way to have a “normal” life on this earth? Is this the fate of this man and so many others on this planet? Or have we as humans just not yet exhausted all options of finding help for these individuals? Surely we are here to THRIVE and not survive??

I knew there had to be more!


At first, I tried to make sense of religion and I stayed faithful to the belief I was born into. I faithfully served myself and others through that belief system for my first 30 years on earth, getting hugely frustrated when I hit yet another wall of limitation imposed by my so called “saviours” and “spiritual government” on earth. Clinging on to that form of spirituality because I didn’t know of any other options available out there. It was just not part of your paradigm growing up in a small town. You have the choice between perhaps two church towers and that’s it! What to say about Hindu, Moslem or Indian belief systems? These people truly believe that their connection with God or their Gods are true and real? They feel they gain value out of practicing and connecting with their Creator(s)? How could I minimise that?


Little towns just didn’t have that kind of diversity in my time, and those individuals who were brave enough to stay in these towns, quickly succumbed to the common mostly Christian beliefs and practices, as there was no other place to connect with people, network, worship and have community.


Always a rebel – I was naturally asking hard questions and making ministers and pastors most warm under the collar, to the point where I was told: “a WOMAN will not speak in my church”. Needless to say… this WOMAN headed out of there for good, because if my vagina was the reason I could not have a truthful relationship and communion with God directly, then Huston, we have a HUGE problem because I was not going to have a sex change in order to be deemed worthy in the eyes of God or humans to experience the fruit of true spirituality! I finally realised, that this was not the kind of establishment that I was going to allow myself to be “led by” any longer. I have always been aware that we are ALL made in the image of God (even the Bible says so!) and really those kinds of statements, belong in the burned history books of the Roman Empire. In reality, earlier societies were much more enlightened and aware of the immense power that lies in the divine female energy.


In a chance introduction (for which I am eternally grateful to this day), I was introduced to the person who did my first Life Activation with The Modern Mystery School, and very shortly after that, I received my first initiation into the mysteries of the universe. I attended a class called EmpowerThyself and BOY – did I NOT realise, how profoundly, this would change the course of MY life! My whole family soon followed and it changed our lives!


Ten Years later, I have the incredible honour of teaching this class and many others – to people who are seeking personal enlightenment. The same kind that Jesus the Christ taught us is possible for ALL HUMANS. People who are seeking freedom from their current sickening circumstances! Everything from depression, abuse, being marginalised, trapped in unhappy workplaces, relationships, personal pain and separation, their past, clinically diagnosed diseases – you name it!

People who are SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED! People who are fed up with a society built on lies, deceit, dishonesty, disconnect, disrespect and deception. Tired of their own illusions of health, love, passion, peace, wealth and joy! Other people that I see, plainly put, doesn’t even HAVE any of these things present in their life to start with! They have given up HOPE!


In 10 years, I have seen this status quo change for person upon person upon person and now more than ever, I am convinced that the transformative power of magick exists. Being the master manifestor and director of your life IS POSSIBLE through the use of these tools. Tools by the way, THAT HAS BEEN KEPT SACRED, SECURED AND IN TACT for over 3000 years by the absolute dedication, persistence and compassion from historical people like King Solomon, Jesus Christ, Buddha and people like Ipsissimis Dave Lanyon, Founder Gudni Gudnason and Ipsissimis Hideto Nakagome, who have done so at great personal and collective sacrifice FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF HUMANITY. They have put their own personal agenda, hopes, dreams, ideals, beliefs and families aside, in order to serve humanity selflessly and have proven WITHOUT A DOUBT that NOTHING on this earth will stop them from serving humans, God and the LIGHT. The light that EXISTS IN ALL OF US! These are people work relentlessly towards one goal: WORLD PEACE! A place where children will not die of hunger, a place where families will not be shot, executed, and displaced. A world where forests and natural habitats will not be destroyed to feed man’s hunger and power and greed. A world where woman and children will not be exploited sexually and a world where ONE RACE exists: THE HUMAN RACE! A world where NO ONE is a slave to another, but we ALL are in service to each other! This is their one and only GOAL and to do that they need the cooperation of other humans to work together to tip the scale for the good! For us ‘normal” people to stand up and say: NO MORE, because we know we are worth more!


These intact teachings and tools are shared with the world by people like:

Liza Rossi

Dr. Rita van den Berg

Martina Coogan

Dr. Theresa Bullard

Dr. Kate Bartram-Brown

Dr. Ann Donnelly

Eric Thompson

Peter Lozano

Franka Lanyon

Lorraine Henrich

Verla L Wade

大谷マキ Maki Otani

Aleksandra Ceho

Flavio Gracile

Sylwester Organka

Stephanie Vassos

Jordan Bain

Erin Wallace








And administered by:

Kathleen Lanyon

Christina Lozano

Christina Becerra


To name BUT a few! The list goes on! I dare you to find a team more competent and effective in any organisation! I am always amazed at how much they get done with the amount of accuracy they get it done! It is mind blowing! They are truly living their life as a higher being, not accepting self-imposed notions of limitation! And they GET THINGS DONE! They walk their talk which is quite the rarity to find in the world these days!


I have had close interactions with ALL these individuals, and I can only say that I THINK THE WORLD OF THEM! Their character, their compassion, their strength, their dedication, their wisdom – it is unlike any I have come across in 20 years of working in the field of vocational education in the corporate world. We have laughed together, we have cried together, hell they have held my hair when I was puking my guts out (sometimes literally) all over the room! They have stood by me in my darkest hours – when NONE of my so called friends where anywhere around to be seen! I believe I am ALIVE today because of them! Literally!


THIS LINEAGE IS ABOUT MORE THAN JUST ONE PERSON’S EGO! These tools are about humanity, hope and CHANGE!


If I can only hold an inch of their light, love and integrity, my life will be a success! And I’ve worked with some pretty impressive people in my time! I have seen the world! I am no longer the little girl from the small town and a humble home with a motorcar salesman as a dad, and a clinic nurse as a mother! So don’t accuse my vision as being skewed!

During this period of growth, I have been accused of being in a cult, being “evil” for charging for spiritual services. My husband’s best friend – a so called “non-judging Christian”, have refused to talk to him because of his “weakness” to follow his wife (me) into “the devil’s work”. To this day they refuse to acknowledge me in conversation, and they REFUSE to visit us, or even talk to us. I was shocked to learn that their “undying friendship” only went religion deep! How sad!


I have been accused of “talking to the dead” by parents in my kid’s school and the most bizarre perceptions of the work I do in my healing practice has been going around. How people come to these conclusions stays a mystery to me! I have been shamed and gossiped about by people (who barely knows me or anything about me) and told that I am stupid for not seeing what I am involved with and that I have gone “off the path”. That I find totally ironic! Honey, I’ve never been more ON THE PATH than now! I’M ON MY OWN TRUE PATH! Still, I persisted, despite these crazy persecutions! Because I know what lies on the other side of their ignorance! I have seen it with my own eyes and it’s not evil as some people with hidden agendas and bruised egos would like to claim!!!


Now if you know me just a LITTLE BIT… you know this: I’m not an “easy” person. I am not a push over. I do not roll over for my tummy to be scratched by just anyone. I am a strong (or as some people say defiant), empowered woman with a very clear voice (which I am not ashamed of!), and I am not scared to use it. I am not scared to sacrifice myself and my life for what I believe in, and I am LOYAL TO THE BONE! Often at my own expense! I fiercely protect those I deem as my dear and loved ones. I will raise my voice for my family, the voiceless, I will speak up against injustice and disfunction any day, and many of you have observed me do so in the different walks of life where we have come across each other. DO YOU REALLY THINK FOR ONE MINUTE I will allow myself to be controlled, manipulated, exploited, abused, and swindled by an organisation such as the Mystery School? Is that really the two pictures of me you can put together in your mind? Or is it just easier for you to dismiss my passion as misdirected, and my vision distorted, to comfort your own lack of taking responsibility for your spiritual growth?? Is it easier for you to believe that I AM MISS GUIDED, NAÏVE AND A SUCKER for sacrificing what I’ve done, to play my part in keeping this sacred lineage alive and to reach people who are genuinely ready to shift the shit in their life? People who are ready to know more than the shallow BS we’ve been fed since Grade 1?

If you are curious or brave enough to step unto the path, and mystery school teachers happen to push your buttons along the way, GOOODDDDDD!! It means you are being triggered from your own past hurts and that means you have the opportunity to heal it and MOVE ON! Then they are achieving what they are supposed to right? If you feel something is amiss in your life – don’t sabotage yourself and take yourself away from the opportunity to learn! These lessons will serve you for eternity! What monetary value can you place on that?? Plus why do you even believe there is not enough provision for you? Surely you know that anything is possible and that you can manifest anything you wanted to – IF YOU REALLY WANTED TO?? This is not a principle of spirituality – we often teach this in the business world! We aim to dream big and aim high! Overcoming challenges and obstacles is part of the journey – IT IS LIFE!


I cannot comment on these rampant campaigns, driven by old, disgruntled students like Bernice van Eck and other’s who don’t even want to put their name behind their claims. What I can say is: While studying in The Modern Mystery School, I have only seen myself and people around me grow, expand, change, mature, evolve and become happier – especially because they saw that they had a CHOICE not to be a victim anymore! I have not gone bankrupt in 10 years of studying on the path – if anything – we have grown from strength to strength with amazing forms of provision financially, spiritually, and emotionally.


It’s like we always say in the corporate world – give the work to the person who is already busy OR the entrepreneur who makes one business work, will make all the others work – because IT’S A MINDSET. If your business didn’t work, it’s not the bank’s fault you now owe money to!? You can’t blame the bank for the instalment you have to work to pay back? If your finances on the path didn’t work – ITS NOT BECAUSE OF THE SCHOOL. It’s you. It’s you who didn’t put systems for provision in place in your own life. It is you who choose to be a victim, instead of getting up and changing your financial, spiritual and emotional reality. Hundreds of people are making it work – wealthy and extremely poor! I’ve seen them both!  You are not a victim of yourself, your past, your parents, your inheritance, your school, your society, your work, your addictions, your physically abusive husband (or manipulative wife/partner) OR ANYTHING ELSE! On any day you have a choice on how you wish to live YOUR life, and you don’t have to get trapped in your circumstances or hurt by using unhealthy coping mechanisms to survive!


On this path, I have learned to expand and really LIVE LIFE ALIVE – instead of simply contracting into a state of survival and live in a jail of constant fear. Fear of lack, fear of people’s opinions, fear of not being loved, fear of rejection, fear of the future etc. The tools and techniques handed down in this ancient, sacred lineage has me and my family a chance to free ourselves from the chains and negativity that kept us in bondage. I have seen this in my own life, and I’ve been privy to witnessing it at work in many others.

I have unfortunately, also seen what this opportunity for growth can bring out in people who are not ready to take responsibility for themselves and their STUFF. Anyone working with people daily will tell you about people and their projections! Unfortunately, it reached an apex this week when disgruntled students like Bernice van Eck, Edie Koleszar made a bunch of wild claims against the school. They, and many others (who stood in huge disintegrity at the time of studying at the school), started slandering and attacking this sacred lineage publicly and very aggressively with all sorts of false claims, distorted views and half-witted and half-baked information, not to mention SHOCKINGLY one sided and distorted journalism to aid and abet their agenda.


And even though this was not the first time I’ve heard these accusations, like the first time I heard it, IT WILL NOT STIRR MY FAITH IN WHAT I DO AND IT WILL NOT DETER ME FROM WALKING THIS PATH AND HOLDING THE SPACE FOR INDIVIDUALS WHO WISHES TO CHANGE THEIR LIFE FOR THE GOOD! I will stand and wave my “freak flag” for all other people who are as SICK AND TIRED of the fake BS out there in the world – just the same as when I started this journey.


“Obsessed” or “too over committed” are slurs that are often slung at me. Well so be it! In my world – those are compliments, NOT insults!


No more slay! (Namaste). And I really mean this! The DIVINE IN ME, SEES AND RECOGNISES THE DIVINE IN YOU!


Don’t let the world tell you that you are something you are not! Don’t believe the “cant’s and the shouldn’t” that tries to control your potential! If you suspect something is wrong and that you are trapped or being lied to – START ASKING QUESTIONS!


You can also read this insightful article about why I can without a doubt say that this is not a cult!


If you want to have a clear, open, calm chat over a cup of tea – MY DOOR IS OPEN! I love a good respectful conversation between people who are trying to both grow from the interaction!


On the other hand, should you decide to continue to swim in a pool of ignorance – blessed be – I have no judgement about your life choices, just don’t think it is ok to attack me about mine. And do not for one minute think that if you take a cheap swing at me or my spiritual family, that I will not retaliate and stand up for them or what I believe in!

Below some photos of my spiritual family over the years…. do we look illusioned, drugged, duped or not compos mentis? I don’t think so!! Here is a picture of Bernice at a Warriors of Light program with us. She seems quite happy!






I can tell you that these are some of the fondest memories of my life and I can’t wait to start to travel again to give my family members the BIGGEST hug I can muster! We’ve come A LONG way together!

Love and Moonlight! Leonie

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