In Search of Connection

In Search of Connection

One thing that is becoming increasingly noticeable, is the lack of deep, meaningful connection between humans. I have to admit I struggle with a certain degree of shallowness in everyday conversation. There are few things in life that irks me more than the question: “So, what do you do?”

My answer varies but really, how long do you have? I”m a multidimensional being, and anyone who knows me will tell you that at any given time I have at last 5 irons in the fire at any given time. And sometimes, I go for the muggle answer – you know the matrix job answer.  Even that is difficult to explain, because what I do in corporate is not as easy and straight forward as saying: “I’m a lawyer, banker or a teacher”. I know people ask because perhaps they want to know how to strike up a conversation with you. But I also find that people use it as a way to “size you up” so to speak. I can see in their body language how they react when someone says they are a secretary or a beautician etc. The conversation somehow just dries up. I find that incredibly condescending and hurtful as I believe everyone has their unique roll of service to play in society.

The other frustration I have with the shallow waters of conversation, is the fact that it never goes anywhere and it somehow seems to repeat the same cycles and downward spirals. If I walk away from a conversation feeling connected and energized, then I know I’m in good company.

I know there is a time and place for different types of conversations but I can read energy and I very quickly see when someone is deprived of love and connection, and pretending to have life and love all figured out. I sometimes want to just scream out to the person:

  • “open your heart, Beautiful!”
  • “you are safe”
  • “you are worth more than you believe”
  • “you are giving your power away Goddess”
  • “there is a whole world outside your belief system”
  • “don’t settle for anything but connection”
  • “don’t betray yourself that way”
  • “your spiritual needs are important too”
  • “don’t trade your needs for his/hers”

But I don’t. I keep quiet. Why? Because sometimes I can see that the person sitting across from me is not ready to hear. Not ready for change. Not ready for empowerment. Not ready to take responsibility. Not ready to see more. They are too busy listening to their own voice, own logic, own perception. Too busy and engaged with their distraction, habit, addiction, belief system, world view, projection or comfort zone, to connect with some light wisdom or word of encouragement someone has to offer.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you open your heart, how much you share, how much you try to help someone see that you care. The timing is not right.

But other times, the conversation just naturally starts to flow, the connection is there, and you are lucky enough to meet an open minded person, someone in seek of change in their life, someone who is sick and tired of being controlled, marginalized and suppressed. And then you end up having the most intense, funny, deepest conversations while time files and you feel light, enlightened on the inside! Conversations without judgement, with acceptance and curiosity. THOSE are the jackpot conversations and connections!

I read this quote and it sums it up so accurately:

We are starving for love, but we settle for attention and we wonder why we still go to bed hungry.


If you feel in your heart that you are hungry for love and connection, that you are thirsty for something and you don’t know what. Start to dig, ask yourself what is missing and start to search around for answers – look for new connections!

We came to this life to have a physical experience, we came to connect and find our tribe! Don’t get convinced by the world that the ultimate is independence and self sufficiency! We need each other, we need connection! Without connection and love we become depressed and apathetic. Isolating yourself (and there are many sneaky ways to do that!) is not the answer to living a happy and fulfilled life!

If you are ready to live a life that is connected and engaged – call me, there are so many ways to “switch” on our connection with each other!

Love and Moonlight,


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