If we are not Gods – why does every person want to be worshipped, adorned, and acknowledged as great and worthy?
If we are not Creators – why do artist, poets, statues, and painters inspire thought and glory?

If we are not Light, why is darkness and despair so tirelessly trying to annihilate us?

If we are not Kings and Queens, why does everyone want to protect, enlarge, and expand their kingdom and voice of authority?
If we are not soldiers, why are we always trying to conquer and derail our enemy?
If we are not Victorious, why are we backed by the Gods, Old and New?


If we are not Joy, why do we suppress so much of it in our hearts?
If we are not Love, why does every single human suffer reject?
If we are not Hope, why have humanity survived all these thousands of years on earth?
If we are not Peace, why does war and famine continue to rule our earth?


If we are not the beloved of the Gods – why are we smiled upon through children?


We are here to conquer, we are here to grow,
We are here to evolve,
We are here to bring Light,
We are here to remember who we are.


If we are not God – who is?
If we are not God – then what are we doing here?
If we are not God – then where did, we come from?
If we are not God – then where are we going?
If we are not God – then what is our purpose?


If God gives up – what will be left?


Mirror of the Moon, May 2020

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