Healthy workplaces-What does it mean?

Healthy workplaces-What does it mean?

The one thing I often notice in workplaces is the fact that people are expected to leave their emotions and “personal lives” at home. They are expected to focus and produce for an 8 hour day – leavening everything “personal” behind. The reality is: without considering body, mind and soul (or spirit), a person can not be fully engaged. Employees leave business for a wide variety of reasons. Business managers are surprised if they have high attrition rates, despite paying some of the highest salaries in their industry.


One of these include:

Employees are expected to change their true nature. I am not referring to personality and learnt behaviours or bad habits formed from the negative ego. I am talking about their natural gifts and talents – their essence. Often, people are forced to conform to fit into a “company culture” or comply with a strict regime of company policies. Sadly, instead of workplaces identifying each person’s unique gifts to improve engagement – employees are often smothered with more rules and “things not to do” lists.


I have taught Diversity Awareness Programmes about the acceptance of diversity in the workplace for more than 12 years in the corporate market. The one thing that people always responds most to, is the conversation about celebrating and harnessing diversity.

If you feel like you are trapped in a workplace that is over regulated and does not harness the true nature of individuals in the workplace – you are welcome to contact us for:

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We will help you explore how you can improve your workplace environment!

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