Healing is Expensive

Healing is Expensive

Part of my day to day experience of working with people is to listen. I love what I do and I listen carefully to what people’s dreams and desires are. What they fear. How they love. What they doubt. Where they want to be in life. How they see or experience life.

I quite often have conversations with people who approach me about finding new ways to become “unstuck” in the situations they find themselves in. We normally talk about what they see as their reality, and then we discuss what they have in their life that prevents them from having or living their dream or ideal life.

I have many different solutions that I can offer for different needs. With their consent, I proceed to create a customized solution, which I then give to the client as a map or pathway which they can follow to create the  desired (sometimes necessary!) change for themselves. Almost without fail, there is a hesitancy in people, to invest in themselves. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a R450 investment or a R20 000 investment – the reaction is almost always the same.

See the problem is not the amount of money. What we are missing as humans is that it takes exactly the same process to manifest R10 as what it takes to manifest R10 000. It’s the same pathway of creation, the same process that delivers or manifests the amount. What the problem is, is the mind of the person’s who is driving the manifestation process. It is about what they perceive they are worth.

And it is in our unworthiness that we become less worthy ironically. It’s in buying into the lies of: lack, not worthy of, how can I, I can’t and I have responsibilities and so forth, that excuses are listed and we give our power to manifest away.

Something I hear in the world from time to time is that healing is expensive. Classes are expensive. Training is expensive.

CUPCAKE! Suffering is expensive! Not living your life is expensive! Going to hospital is expensive! Buying a car is expensive! Having kids is expensive!

It is expensive yes, but, is it worth it? Most people would say: “YES!”

The price you are paying for not living the life of your dreams, is expensive!

Dying on the inside is expensive!

Staying quiet when you know you have to say something is expensive!

Staying in a loveless relationship is expensive! It’s costing you a life with your dream partner!

Jim Collins wrote an international best seller that shook the corporate world: Good is the Enemy of Great. And that theme rings so true. Good will have you settle for average and it will cost you excellence it will cost you joy, passion, abundance and mental health.

Is healing and training expensive? It depends on your perspective. And your perspective will not change if you don’t take actions or steps to facilitate growth for yourself.

Yes, growth is expensive. But not growing is even more expensive.

What top brands will tell you is the following: “Our products are not expensive if you consider the time, love, dedication and excellence that went into creating this item/service.” See, it is not the product that is expensive, it is your view in relation to that product/service that makes you see it as expensive or not! Sales people will always explain the “value add” and with good reason! It is important to see the value of something and sometimes we have blinkers on and we miss out on products and services that can solve a lot of problems or pain points in our life!

One thing I know for sure (I’ve lived it!) is that YOU are the best investment you will ever make! Investing in YOU and your growth is always a worth while investment. In fact it is the ONLY safe investment! I do not regret a penny of what I invested into myself and my personal growth to date. I will not go back to the person I was 20 years ago – not even if you offered me all the money in the world! I would not go back to living live as that less conscious version of myself. I have learned too much, I’ve grown so much and I’ve evolved too much to go back!

Above any material things, above any property, relationship or adventure. YOU are the only true and worthy investment in the world. From this world view and relationship to growth – how can you say that healing is expensive? Time to change your angle to yourself, time to change your relationship with yourself, time to change your self perception of yourself and time to change your relationship towards money and investing in yourself!

You will invest in what you believe has value. What on this earth has more value than you? You will give YOU the biggest return on investment in your investment portfolio!

Love and Moonlight,


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