Hail to the Queen

Hail to the Queen

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, a lot of attention is drawn to the story of the Queen, her late father and husband, all so beautifully portrayed in the series that captured the hearts of many. I have found myself drawn to watching the series again, because if you look carefully, there is so much to learn from her life. The series is said to be quite an accurate depiction of her life story.

Something that comes to the forefront is the question of our mortality. Somehow, it is something we are not quite keen to think or even talk about. Watching a gracious Queen being sent off to receive the final farewells from her people, makes one realise that death skips no one, not even a Queen.

One’s mind then unceremoniously wonder to one’s own mortality.

I am in a phase where I am evaluating and considering the value, importance and of everything in my life. One thing that I am particularly reviewing is my legacy on this earth. It is hard to feel satisfied if you compared your own legacy to that of a stately, dedicated, disciplined queen like Queen Elizabeth II. She left us such a great example of what it means to carry ones duty with grace and integrity. When she got crowned she was but a young mother in a world that was not yet ready to accept female leadership models and most certainly not the instruction from a young woman. Despite her power and position, she choose to say her vows to her husband as being obedient to him, regardless of the fact that she was the holder of the crown.

She must have been scared more than once, yet she managed to put her own emotions aside to always serve the greater good.

A powerful lady and impeccable example of virtue throughout her 70 years of rule.

It would have been an easy choice for her to rebel and abdicate the throne. Yet she chose duty and dedication to her royal blood and responsibility.

Have you thought about your legacy? What would people say at your eulogy?

  • Did you leave the world a better place?
  • More importantly – did you live out all your divine potential on this earth?
  • Are there any stones you’ve left unturned?
  • Places you wanted to visit?
  • Experiences you wanted to have?
  • Is it realistic to think that it is possible to die without  having made enemies?

I look at the depiction of her father, showing him and her husband to both be people who have lived full lives with passion and yet, when the time came to say good bye it was still sad and heartbreaking to witness their separation. It is hard to say farewell to our loved ones, even though we know they may have lived the top quality of lives there is to live!

Something that Queen Elizabeth II and King Salomon from the Bible had in common, is the fact that they were royalty, they had great serving hearts towards their people and they left a legacy. Everyone might not be aware of their legacy (and off course there will be lots of different opinions), but if you learn a bit more about the true history of the world, you will quickly learn that the “heros” are not only the ones who have been hailed publicly till now.

In the movie Braveheart, there is an opening quote that says something to the effect of: history is written by those who won the war. And rings so true, history (or at least a version of it) has been quite distorted, and often, some of the greatest stories are hidden behind closed doors and in dusty old books. Or in our case, an ancient lineage of which the hand down of information was done in an oral tradition.

Being able to serve the world as part of an ancient, royal lineage is an incredible honour and a duty that no one should take lightly, but you can carry it lightly and with honour, grace and beauty. Just like Queen Elizabeth II did.

I can only dream of achieving a little portion of her service with the same grace and poise. But I will try, each day, to first of all become a better version of myself. Work on how I show up in the world and present myself, and serve people to the best of my knowledge, ability and with humbleness and diligence.

The world needs hope, the world needs change, the world needs role models. I wonder who will be stepping up to lead the way? If not you and me, who else?

If you feel that you are not leading a royal life, if you are not living the life that you dream of, there is a path of initiation into a royal lineage that will help you claim your Kingdom/Queendom. What are you waiting for and who is stopping you, but you?

Love and Moonlight,


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