Financial Disempowerment

Financial Disempowerment

Ladies! This message is to you. Not because there are NO examples of woman who are financially independent and empowered, but there are disproportionately more woman who are financially dependent upon their husbands for an income, than what men are reliant on a woman for the family’s income. Now given, this has been a natural human discourse because of centuries of thinking that a woman should be barefoot and in the kitchen, this is certainly not the only role for woman in the world today. It used to be that she needs to stay at home to cook and look after the babies, while the fit and skilled men go out to hunt, but we do not live in that world anymore. If woman were given an equal chance, they could hunt the day lights out of an tribe of men if they put their heads to it! Or they would find solutions! They would fish and plant! But they will make a way! What we do have counting for us is our centuries of nurturing genes that will make us do whatever it takes to protect and keep our loved ones.
I see so many desperately unhappy woman who stay in the most vile environments and continues to just absorb the most disrespectful treatment from their partners because they feel that they have to keep the peace, they shouldn’t rock the boat (in fear of loosing their home and security for their children). I see so many beautiful, strong woman giving their power of choice away because they are trying to save the man, or give them another chance or understand their situation or pressure because they do what they need to do to make it in the big wide world out there.
LADIES! Stop giving your power away! Stop thinking or believing that you can not generate what your man can generate! Stop believing that your little business or side hustle can not support you and your family! Even more so – stop listening to financial advice or seeking emotional support and encouragement from the exact man that is benefiting from your disempowerment!
If you have a dream, if you want to start or grow your side hustle into something that will allow your financial autonomy – GO FOR IT! Don’t wait for anyone to give you permission or tell you that it’s a good idea and that you should go for it! JUST GO FOR IT! Look at it like this: you are either going to make money OR you are going to learn a whole lot of new lessons. EITHER WAY YOU WIN! But at least you tried. We are co-creators of our reality Goddesses! And we can’t sit around and complain about how terrible our partner’s habits are if we are not willing to do what it takes to show them that there is a different way to live and express our royalty. Remember, your little daughter is learning how to carry herself from watching you. And the same goes for your boy – he learns about his role in society from watching you and your partner.
You can show the world that woman can:
  1. Be good strong leaders in the workplace
  2. Create workplaces that is energetically clear
  3. Create nurturing environments where people can thrive
  4. Be very strong intuitive decision makers
  5. Be financially independent and assertive in their decision making
  6. Have a work/life balance –  family person and a business person
  7. Rich and ethical
  8. Create systems that allows for a fair exchange and that doesn’t exploit human resources and the environment
  9. Be spiritual and assertive
  10. Make it to the top without using sex or emotional manipulation and games

It’s time for us to learn how to make THE RIGHT DECISIONS based on what our intuition tells us, not what our survival mode tells us! That kind of thinking will always keep you unhappy and compromising on your value system! That will not lead you to a life of THRIVING!

Overall to humanity I would say this:

Woman, we need to stop manipulating our men with sex!

Men, we need to stop controlling our woman with money(security) and their children!

Ladies, it is time for us to break the stronghold of financial constraints around our wrists. We can ONLY be disempowered if we are GIVING our power away! You have a choice! It will just come with risk, effort and continued choices to go outside your comfort zone!

Not only for your family my Sister, but for the greater good! Remember, the choices you make today will be the fruits on the trees you harvest tomorrow. If you want to know how to start this change in your life, contact me for a cup of tea and some recommendations.

Love and Moonlight, Leonie

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