Day 6 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 6 – Lock Down Diaries


Today I spoke on the phone with quite a number of my girlie friends. I can hear and feel that the general mood out there is starting to drop. Some people are perplexed by the lack of co-operation from the general public. Some are completely struck by cabin fever, with confessions of all-day-all-night pajama excursions from the bedroom to the kitchen and back. Apart from the emotional distress – the reality of financial pressures are kicking in, and like everyone else the question becomes: how long can small businesses sustain the leaking stream of expenses that are forced upon everyone without the slightest chance of income?

Conversations tour around, pun intended, the unfairness of the advantage that big retail chains (who already have big buying power) over the SMME (Small, Medium, Macro Enterprise) businesses. In the current climate – gaining an even bigger upper hand. Small business owners are absorbing a huge chunk of the governments financial responsibility in the management of this pandemic, and continue to pay huge amounts of rent to shopping centers where they chained to fixed term contracts. Most feel obligated to continue to pay their staff, regardless of the fact that they do not have a cent income to show. This is in spite of having their own fears about the health and finances of their own families at home. The reality of the consequences of the COVID-19 virus is starting to kick in.

It wasn’t easy conversations – but I loved every minute of connecting with my Besties, and I know that when I see them again, it will be with the biggest hug I can manage without crushing them. Never will I take for granted the honour and privilege to hug another God and Goddess in this world!

The other thing I get from my clients a lot, is the question about having our classes online. The answer came to me in pondering the fact that I miss seeing my friends and I miss being in their presence so much!  The healings and classes we offer at our healing center comes from an ancient lineage and the tradition (as it has been for 3000 years) is to hand down all healings and teachings directly with the exception of one or two distance healings.

It is what is referred to as an oral hand down tradition (kind of like the campfire gatherings of old ancient tribes). Why is this so important? Well I thought about it like this: I spoke to my friend and it was really great – but, the fact that I can not look her in the eye and feel her warmth and energy, or give her the biggest of hugs in her moment of worry, just simply is not the same. It’s like my online pilates class of yesterday. I’ve always been lamenting my woes, when I had to travel around town to get to classes, pick kids up and basically push 200 things a day into my calendar. So, admittedly, sometimes I resented the fact that I had to sit in traffic for an hour in order to do an hour class.

Yesterday I tried to do a private Pilates class,  and a Nia group class (dancing exercises) with my friend – and one of my favourite instructors in the world I have to say! The private class worked (kind of between two kids, the dog and the cat constantly walking past the screen/camera). The Nia class  – ok let’s say I got moving, the internet connection was somewhat stable, BUT the sound was just not pumping through my veins (she has a very good stereo in the studio in town). I couldn’t “feel” her movements like I normally do in class or follow the fine details of her facial expression when she would so animatedly lure us on a body connecting journey with her instructor’s charms (I swear they all get baptised with that allure when they get qualified!). I would never have fallen in love with the dance of Nia online, the way I did, EXPERIENCING it in the class in real time with the group and my instructor!

In short – it simply was not the same. Yes we are under the current circumstances trying to keep the discipline, we are trying to make the best out of a sticky situation, but it was not the same and I will NEVER complain about driving all the way to Somerset West for a class again! I wanted so badly to stand with the group of participants in the same room: feel them, hear them, watch them, EVEN SMELL THEM! I would orientate myself and my movements according to how they are moving – kind of like a bat in a cave with their flying sonars! I could get a better sense of myself in relation to them being in the room! I really missed having the connection and sisterbond between us all!

It is for this same reason that I will never share these tools and sacred classes we have online! It is just not the same and I have too much respect for the power and holiness of this work to take it to an online platform.  The classes are about the energy we generate when we are together! It is impossible to create the same alchemically nutritious environment online! So even though I am happy to share stories and my written thoughts online – I am going to always invite you over for a nice cup of tea, a good neck massage, a comfortable chair and my real time voice (and hands) to bring you the classes and healings of your choice! All in line and in integrity with our beautiful tradition! This tradition is the reason why you and I can take part in these amazing healing opportunities, it is exactly why we can learn these ancient secrets (unpolluted and unchanged) because they are not carried down academically only – they are part of a energy packed conglomerate of spiritual yumminess to help you grow and progress on your human path! I will never get used to the honour of being able to bring the teachings of this powerful lineage to the world! Hope to see you around some time soon!



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