Day 46 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 46 – Lock Down Diaries



The other day someone asked me what has been my biggest fear during the COVID crises.

My answer? “That the world will go back to the way it was – that it will go back to the “normal” everyone is talking about!”

What is the “normal” that I would like to see changed?

  • living busy lives without connection – true connection with people
  • rushing from one pointless meeting to another – hopefully we’ve gotten over our fear of online meetings
  • disconnect between human hearts
  • more hugs! (not less!)
  • families living past each other
  • consumerism society – buy, use, break and replace everything instead of trying to repurposed what we already have
  • gardens without vegetable patches
  • emotional suppression
  • self loathing
  • bullying
  • dominance – the world is moving towards a softer more feminine energy – the old patriarchal, male dominant era is obsolete. This means even men can carry more feminine energy and woman can still be feminine, but operate independently
  • choosing to play the victim to manipulate a situation (instead of operating from a place of self empowerment)
  • woman playing the role of the helpless voiceless woman
  • shame around sexual needs and desires
  • unhealthy feelings of guilt and jealousy
  • dishonesty and deceit
  • not living and walking your authentic path
  • for spiritual fitness to be the new six pack
  • for our own authenticity to be our spiritual aspiration

May this process of deprivation teach us about what is really important. May we strive to get to know yourselves as the divine beings that we are, better every day!






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