Day 26 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 26 – Lock Down Diaries

PERSPECTIVES (Part 3 of 3)

Some perspectives are cute and sexy, some are incredibly long, tedious and convoluted (from my perspective! LOL!). Some perspectives are what I would call “solid” and some are to be taken with a pinch of salt. But here’s the thing: everyone has the right to their “perspective” or like my teacher would call it “opinion”. My question just becomes: who do we believe and who’s directive do we follow? What if your opinion is so strong that it is starting to create negative for innocent people out there – would you still stand so firmly on it?

Or should we follow? I can very quickly tell you from experience that both is dangerous without discernment! That is why true mentorship is priceless!

Simply put the answer lies in looking at the fruit that our opinions or perspectives produce. 

If you look at society today – I think it is abundantly clear that we have way too many useless (and often EXPENSIVE!) opinions flying around, which in my opinion (pun intended) ultimately creates chaos for society.

I have learned to listen to people’s perspectives with a fairly “neutral” mind – and I’m saying FAIRLY because I am not an enlightened master – not close to it! I also have my own hurts so I do sometimes engage with a dirty filter. However, I am less hung up on wanting them to “come over to my side”. These days I am less likely to be blocked or side tracked by someone’s opposing viewpoint. I will to a certain extend listen to someone’s view point, without judgement of them which is sometimes  harder than other times.

Some perspectives resonate with me more than others. Some I feel a fair amount of resistance against, but others I can see their view point.  Still, it remains that: their opinion and I have the choice to accept that as part of my make-up – or not! But I struggle to accept flimsy opinions after the high quality mentoring and teachings I’ve had. I’ve seen people who have mastered themselves, their environment and who lives, talks and breathes the ancient truths. It’s hard for anything in this two dimensional world to keep up with that!

And that is a big change for me.

The difference is that I have learned to let go of my attachment to what their view point should or should not be. It’s not that I don’t care – I just might have experience in my life that counter proves what they are saying. I may have training or a qualification that proves that my path is more energy efficient, effective, abundant, peaceful, joyful and accurate than theirs. It may have more positive fruit for me – they way I do it. BUT and this is a big BUT – I was willing to be taught, mentored and LED to see a different path.

I was humble enough to receive instruction – which produced better fruit in my life than the course I was on. Off course: with experience and qualification – I can now identify when someone is running fast or slow down a path that is going to lead to hurt. I can clearly see it – I was there! But, some people will just brush you off and not heed the advice – who does she think she is? And then BOOM – the wall. This breaks my heart because a mother that cares, warns her child and hates to see her children hurt. And I for one carry a strong mother energy – a strict, but strong mother energy.

Something ancient societies had, is what we sourly lacking today: a basis of universal truths and teachings. Not just earth based – UNIVERSAL. That’s BIG! That is why I believe these societies had a lot more cohesion, collaboration and peace – they lived for hundreds of years! There are too many opinions and too many false truths and opinions flying around today – it’s making us sick! It is like particles heating up! The more they are heating up – the faster they move and the more the friction, the more the heat and BOOM! Exactly what I see happening outside in the world today.

So here’s the thing – perspectives are cool – they can be mighty interesting or mighty boring BUT they can be mighty dangerous. If you choose NOT to have discernment, if you do not make sure you have knowledge, you will be lead astray by “false articles”. I see a lot of snobbish wannabees shaming others to prove their superior intellect and to show that they are “clever” or “enlightened”. But I also see that a lot in the spiritual and psychology departments where every second person is a spiritual guru, therapist, evangelist, coach, mentor, expert, self-help specialist, healer, reader, exorcist and I shiver for some of the advice, opinions and perspectives that are served with iced and decorated with glitter.

The trait of a good kabbalist (the ultimate science in my opinion) is that they can look at any topic, object, item, situation, perspective – with absolutely non-attachment and observe it. Simply observe it – without any opinion, attachment, comment, perspective or pollution to the integrity of what is in front of them. Are you able to look at anything with clean lenses? Or are you insisting on “polluting” or smothering others with your experience by on putting your own opinion, experience, view point or perspective of it?





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