Day 24 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 24 – Lock Down Diaries


PERSPECTIVES (Part 1 of 3)

I get it – the last thing you want to read about on a blog during this time is: the Corona virus. And this is not what I want to write about – even though this series was born in the context of this pandemic. It is literally EVERYWHERE – pun intended. It has taken over minds, lives, choices, families, communities – like a thick ominous fog that slowly crept in from the sea and is now holding our freedom hostage. The looting, the hunger, the panic, the fear – it is all out there (or perhaps within?)…..

If you are a scholar of Hermetic Principles for instance – you will understand the deeper meaning of this reference, if not – it will seem like a witty comment and surface piece, written by an avid blogger.

Something that I have noticed – long even before COVID-19, is society’s hang-up with perspectives, opinions and view points etc. We are technically all here to investigate everything that live has to offer. This is so that we can test things for ourselves and learn discernment.  Wisdom then ultimately becomes the fruit of our labour, experiences, theory, book knowledge and practical application.

Everywhere you look: social media, television, the internet, documentaries, books, blogs, coffee shop chats, soccer mom conversations, even science – it all seems to be revolving around one theme: PERSPECTIVE. We glorify, adorn, admire and follow – everyone that look or sound like they know something about something we are interested in.

We regularly goes as far as to PAY for people’s opinions! And we sugar coat it to ourselves with the excuse that it is “professional’! As soon as someone is “professional” we give up – we accept it as truth without questioning. Often times – giving up on our dreams or contracts.

We literally, all are looking for the next expert. We want to learn from them, to become an expert, so that we can look clever and make our dreams happen. To have a purpose – right? Metaphysically speaking, we are all looking for a person to bring more LIGHT into our existence. Problem is: we struggling to identify between what is real LIGHT and what is darkness POSING as LIGHT.

Now before the scientific community starts stoning me with the “science is fact, peer reviewed, verified and tested” speech (and metaphysics is not)! I can assure you – I know what science is. In fact: I am quite a fan – if it does not have peripheral view! Science that discounts the power of Spirit, is rather dull and two-dimensional. It does not leave any place for a source of power and knowledge outside ourselves, miracles, alchemy and mastery! In fact, contrary to what anyone might believe from a tea drinking, incense burning, light zapping “hippy”, I do have a very keen interest in science as I am a very pragmatic, process-driven individual, myself.

I love the world of “step 1” and “step 2”, because it is predictable and it gives structure. I like a container that can “hold” all the miracles – if you want to put it in another way! But do I believe in the fact that random factors, ingredients and components can create magick or a devastating explosion – for sure! The question is – how do you repeat the good magick over and over and how do you avoid the explosions – because they create negative consequences (or karma if you may).  Do we have a recipe for magick? Is it available to anyone? Is it a recipe or a random stroke of luck? All good questions to ask in my humble kabbalistic mind.





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