Day 23 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 23 – Lock Down Diaries



I have to be honest – it is getting harder for me to put words to the journey.  Not because the “ship” that I am in is a bad one, but because I am tapped into the collective consciousness, and I am starting to feel the tension and stress building up in the world.  Especially the restlessness of the majority people living in abject poverty in South Africa. I can’t abandon the “ship” that I’m in – legally I have to stay put like everyone else!

The question becomes: how do I respond? What choices do I make from here on? Do my choices even influence people out there?

The answer is yes!

Everything we all think goes into what you can imagine as a big “pot of thoughts” – and that creates the collective consciousness. What we think – we deposit into this pot. And other people can “pick this thought” out from the pot and act on it! This is why it is so important for us to keep our thoughts pure and make sure that we keep ourselves responsible for the deposits we make into this pot.

A lot of times people use the excuse: “I am not a bad person! I have not murdered or raped anyone!”  People think because others can not hear their thoughts, it doesn’t matter what they think on the inside. But here’s the thing: just because other people can’t hear your thoughts of anger, judgement, lust or any other low frequency thought, doesn’t mean that those thoughts do not become actions. If you are not hurting someone physically – your thoughts or wishes unto someone, can be picked up by anyone and acted upon. Someone might be kicking a dog or hurting a child on the other end of the world – because of what you thought! And that might sound far fetched – but it’s true! All our collective thoughts become actions!  This is why the book that was published years ago by the famous author – with amazing details related to the COVID-19 virus, does not surprise me at all!

This is why in 3000 years of mystic schools and teachings, regular meditation practices have been recommended to all initiates.

One of the best things you can do during this time is:

  • laugh (watch a comedy, play with your children or animals – do anything to get a chuckle in)
  • rest (sleep, read a book, take a warm salt bath, put a candle on in the room, burn nice essential oils)
  • self care (paint your toe nails, put a facial or hair mask on, do your make-up)
  • connecting/intimacy (look someone you love in the eyes, let them hold you, hold them, tell them what you feel)
  • create (garden, paint, write poetry, take photographs – anything to create)
  • meditate (empty your mind of thoughts – this includes: fear, uncertainty, self pressure, your to do lists, etc)

and yes, MEDITATE!

These things always to me felt like it was a little bit airy fairy. As a business woman – I was always extremely busy and didn’t really feel like I had time to spend on these types of activities. Many years of mystic studies and practices – nower days I know: these are essential for my soul to thrive. If I don’t do these things I start to become unhappy, depressed, negative, cynical and most of all – I start to feel hopeless.

I have learned to feel with a quiet, happy, peaceful inside feels like – and because of that, I now immediately notice and with much finer precision, identify any feelings or energies in my body that brings me unease. It is much easier for me to discern when something in myself or my life is out of balance. As a business woman previously, this was not something I naturally possessed.  I was always chasing one deadline after the other and funny enough, I yielded much less results than what I do now! Even though I still continue to run my business, I do it differently – I do it from a place of quiet.





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