Day 21 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 21 – Lock Down Diaries



Today would have been the official release of the Lock Down announced by our president. Much as expected however, the Lock Down was extended with another 14 days. It is my suspicion – that it will continue well into May, perhaps beyond. That is a lot of time and a LOT of pent up emotions, frustrations and anger that will eventually release somewhere in society. The question is if this energy will be directed for good or bad.

A week ago, I started to create games and activities for my kids to keep them busy, but also to start to create more open communication in our family. One of these activities was a glass jar with cute questions I got from the internet.

Everyone would put their hand in the jar and pull out a question, which they then answer in any way they want.

My 4 year old son got the question: “Where would you go on holiday”? His answer: “To school.” We all started laughing – because in the current situation – that seems like the ultimate holiday. He stuck by his answer.

Interestingly enough, I got the following questions:

  • What have you done to help someone today?
  • If you could create a planet – what would it’s name be, and what would the planet be like?
  • If you can change anything in the world, what would it be?


Out of about 100 options – THOSE are the questions I get to draw. It’s like glass pot of Tarrot!


What would I like to change in the world?

  1. Accountability
  2. Pro-active clearing of emotional trauma / impure thoughts in sacred temples
  3. Mandatory free service time by all members of society to society
  4. Teachings in schools about the origin and true mission/purpose of mankind
  5. Using of positive goal setting figures to motivate society to change – as opposed to the constant media blare of the negative figures/data
  6. Ban on use of plastics
  7. Daily meditation practices
  8. More woman leaders in society
  9. Standard screening/vetting system between life partners
  10. Four day work weeks
  11. Initiation into the mysteries of the world
  12. Sacred Ceremony & Prayer Rituals
  13. Schooling system that includes the cultivation of intuitive skills
  14. Medical institutes that train medical and mental health professionals how to do Etheric Reconstruction to support physical processes
  15. Correctional Services system that correct – not crush. Including meditative practices.
  16. Social Services system with better investigation processes and stricter administration processes.
  17. Better quality control systems in life and in general

I can go on forever with this list and actually I am currently working on an extended version of this for myself.  Yes, Lock Down is getting to us on many physical and emotional levels. Like with anything in life, we can choose to redirect the negative energy through our inner alchemy or Light – and into producing positive fruit. But I want to use this time to dream about the future and to get clarity for myself about what I wish to create and what I wish society would create together on the long run. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. Those famous words by John Lennon. Yes, I am working, resting, researching but also dreaming, a lot of my Lock Down time away.

I love these words written by Ganga White:

What if our religion was each other,

If our practice was our life,
If prayer, our words.
What if the temple was the earth,
If forests were our church,
If holy water – the rivers, lakes, and oceans,
What if meditation was our relationships,

If the Teacher was life,
If wisdom was self-knowledge,
If love was the centre of our being.


Perhaps, with a little bit of thought, we can recreate more time efficient ways of connecting socially, while staying at home? I for one would love to spend less time on the road to appointments, and more time at home, in my office/practice to be more productive in terms of outcomes!

I am definitely rethinking our family life and my business model! Instead of being scared about it, I am starting to feel positive about the new opportunities and freedom it brings!





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