Day 2 – Lock Down Diaries

Day 2 – Lock Down Diaries


There is a big awakening happening the world. That is clear for sure. It was long ago predicted in many texts and prophecies that the planet will change around this time and space. Many thought it would be another war. Some, predicted bio warfare and pandemics like the COVID-19 virus. Even though we were expecting it, none of us expected it to hit with so much forced change, so hard and so quickly.

But what is that change that is required?

  • greed
  • sustainability
  • lack of communication and true connectedness
  • lack of compassion, kindness and caring for another
  • hiding from healing the past
  • lack knowing the inner self – who and what you truly are
  • lack of creativity and innovation
  • wastage (resources, energy, potential)
  • “it is not my job’ mentality
  • lack of love for each other
  • survival mode (focusing only on me and my personal needs – instead of focusing on serving the greater good)
  • respect for diversity and anyone/anything “different” from us
  • looking after yourself – allowing your abuse by others

The following picture stirred something deep in my heart:

Source: unknown

This highlights to us: it may not be your responsibility – but it is the right thing to do.  I am not sure if the story is true but it “feels” legit. I am not sure who took the picture so I can not credit the source – I found it on my Newsfeed on Facebook. However, it shows so clearly that if we would open our eyes, observe using all our senses, we can see the need of others, we can be kind and little by little we can make this harsh, unforgiving world a better place.

This coming week I will challenge you like I am going to challenge me: “yes it may not be your(our) responsibility – but it is the right thing to do. Serve thyself, serve thy neighbour and most of all – create and see inner change!

I am available online if you want to discuss ways of doing this inner work!


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