Changing the way you think to fulfil your potential

How to fulfil your potential


The reason why most people stay stuck in that cycle, I believe, is because we don’t know how to change the way we think about how to fulfil our potential. For you to understand how to reach the full potential of your brain, we have to start by being able to define your personal potential.


The Life Activation or DNA activation as it was previously called, is a healing modality that helps you take the first steps towards accessing your true hidden potential.  And we all have hidden potential. It does not matter how successful you are – you can always be more successful, more mature, more evolved, more enlightened, more spiritual, more physical, richer, fitter, more compassionate etc. To believe otherwise would be to stop your own personal growth.


What is potential?

Basically, it is everything and anything you can think of to do and fulfil plus what exists even behind your own paradigm. So, someone who sees potential in you -sees a gift, an outcome, a person that you yourself don’t even see yet. They might help you become more aware of that gift or potential or talent by telling you what they see. Thus, almost cleaning the lenses of your personal glasses – so that you can have a better, clearer view of what exists outside your paradigm.


But what does that mean to develop the full potential of your brain? What does potential mean?

Albert Einstein referred to the fact that we do not use more than 6-10% of our brain capacity and therefore, we are wasting a lot of our potential or “gifts” in life.  Not only does it mean that we are not accessing and using those gifts – it also means that we are not looking for faster and smarter ways to do things in our existing circumstances.  It means that we are creating more stress and more pressure on ourselves and creating a smaller output. By expanding your mind, you are expanding your capability to manifest ANYTHING YOU’D LIKE in the physical. Anything! That is why we truly are unlimited if we can let go of our beliefs and all the “thinking” that blocks our progression. If you let go of the constraints of your mind – you can create your kind of beauty in your kind of way and you can serve your higher purpose on this earth, not just rushing forward from one deadline to the other without joy.


The question then becomes – is there a way to further develop our brain & potential in life? Is there a technology or a switch to make this shift?

The answer is an absolute: Yes! We are not victims of a differentiating cosmic handout scheme – we all received the same potential (with different contracts and a unique make-up in life).


Let’s start by explaining the following: everything that counts for our physical body, counts for our spiritual body, and therefore, if we have physical DNA, we must have Spiritual DNA. We are after all a spiritual being, having a physical experience. One day, our bodies will die, and our spirit and soul will continue to function. That is our true essence.


Let’s look at a bit of history. About 3000 years ago, King Salomon, as referred to in the Bible (or King Sulamein as he was referred to in Arabic circles), had a special interest in what would develop human potential.  He was not only a biblical figure but actually if you remove the religious connotation – would be hailed as one of the first truly curious and passionate scientists! From biblical hand down we know he asked God for wisdom (instead of wealth) and he received both. He was a loving; well respected King (God only knows we need more of those today!) and he wanted ALL his people to be able to have wisdom and abundance. He made it his life’s mission to find the keys to unlocking this potential. He united the tribes of all the nations and asked each of them to send a medicine man, healer, oracle, shaman to come and study in his Temple for 20-30 years. It is estimated that over a million people lived and worked in this “healing city” until they established the final protocol to ignite our personal potential. Talk about a peer reviewed process, right?  Sounds quite scientific to me!


The outcome of these studies was the Life Activation healing modality as we know it today.  He found that as humans, we have a physical and spiritual DNA system. King Salomon and his team worked out how to activate these DNA strands. Through the centuries, this healing was only made available to priests and priestesses who was serving the community to heal. Today, the Life Activation is available to all. This is what makes it such a special honour to be able to bring current modern-day people the gift of this process!

The next step to understanding yourself and the big key to understanding your potential is a 2-day class called Empower Thyself. In this class you receive the powerful next step initiation into your full potential, and you learn about the true potential of humans and what we are here to do on this earth. By understanding this bigger picture – you will be able to identify what part you have to play in the bigger scheme of life. This truly is the most empowering thing you can ever do in your life. When you are connected to your purpose, your abundance will flow directly from the source of life. You will be able to full fill all your dreams and potential within the time you have left on earth. This is the most worth while investment you can ever make in yourself! This is how you can access and develop your personal potential in two easy steps!



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