Black Sheep of the Family

Black Sheep of the Family

Do you sometimes feel like the black sheep in your family? Do you feel like you are completely different from everyone else and you don’t fit in? In my experience it is the black sheep of the family, the outcast who ends up sacrificing the most. Many times, other family members are simply not ready to acknowledge their lack of taking responsibility for their actions.  And because their choices breaks out of the norm, the family is often to ashamed to talk about the” black sheep”.


Such a good reminder:

Note to Self #11

Stop gorging on rejection.

Stop taking the doubt they break you with and using it to break yourself.

Let people’s reactions represent them, not you.


Vironkia Wilde, Love and Gaslight


The sad thing is that the black sheep does major things behind the scenes to help his/her family. Yet, they are often shamed, blamed, ridiculed and loudly projected upon.

Where does this saying of “the black sheep” come from?

It apparently from the 19th Century in England where black sheep born in the flock was seen as the undesired runt of the litter. Back then the black wool was useless to the farmer as it could not be dyed like the white wool. The black sheep thus had a low commercial value.

In my experience the “black sheep” these days are the one person in the family who is the most “aware” and often labeled as difficult, rebellious etc. Too much, too different or “on a mission”.  That mission, most of the time, is to slay the family demons. Literally.

Only by being different, are you able to create space between you and the family unit, so that you can consciously observe and identify where family disfunctions exists. If you have worked to change your frequency, you will find it difficult to sit around and entertain the same old conversations and complaints, the same programming that you decided to break free from. It’s kind of like being forced to regurgitate and rechew last year’s dinner. That is the unpleasant task of working against the ancestral inheritance that came with being born into that family unit.

As the black sheep, you will probably be rejected, ousted, ostracised and gossiped about, but don’t let that stop your mission on helping the bloodline raise it’s frequency.

Have you been told you are too committed to your faith, your work, your husband, your kids or your hobbies? Have you been accused of always wanting to be “different” – almost as if it’s a crime to have your own way of doing things. As if it’s a crime to make an active choice not to conform to the status quo? Have you been told that you are too much of this and too little of that by your family? Do you find it hard to spend more than a full hour in the company of your family members? Congratulations, you might have found yourself the winner of the Family Black Sheep Award.

If I can give you advice, it will be this: If you are actively working on clearing your bloodline from a poverty mentality, unconsciousness, karma, debt, lack of wisdom, ignorance, foolishness, nativity, lack of judgement, victimhood, depression, anxiety, alcoholism, substance abuse, divorce, anger, sexual abuse, hypocrisy, slavery, pride, jealousy, dysfunction – whatever demon you are fighting –   DON’T LET THEM PULL DOWN ALL THE HARD WORK YOU’VE BEEN PUTTING IN!

If you feel alone, excommunicated and rejected by your family refocus yourself on your higher goal and don’t give up! Keep doing what you are doing and keep fighting for the family bloodline to move forward. You are not alone, you are supported by all the armies of heaven and they trust you and understand your life’s contracts. They are there for you. Call on them and they will listen. As for the neigh sayers: let them say and let them slay! Black is beautiful and black is now more in fashion than it’s ever been! One day the truth will come out, and the truth will set you free. Until then, stay faithful in your quest of undoing family programming and bloodline debris that you and your children would inevitably have inherited, unless were brave enough to set out to change the status quo.

Love and Moonlight,


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