Beyond What You Can Imagine

Beyond What You Can Imagine

In my daily life, I work with a very diverse group of people. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love how the tools of the Mystery School Path gives every person (no matter where they are in their life), exactly what they need to move to the next level of their evolution!

I think often there is a misconception that only “broken” people need healing. Perhaps healing (the word in itself) implies that something is “not perfect”?

But who is perfect? The objective is not to be perfect! Otherwise what would there be to move towards (if everything is complete)?

I often have people who visit who are very successful, accomplished and most certainly not on any “loser” streak in their life. In fact, they are at the peak, which allowed them to see (and realise) that there HAS GOT to be more!

And this is where I get excited about the path as a mystic. Can you imagine what lies beyond what you can imagine? Because it doesn’t matter how successful, smart, rich, accomplished, creative, well known or kind you think you are – THERE IS ALWAYS MORE.

And can I tell you a secret? Your imagination (or lack thereof) really creates a limited, peripheral worldview! You don’t know what you don’t know. You can’t imagine what you can’t imagine! But what if it exists and you just haven’t explored beyond your boundaries? What if there is more for you to be excited about (in this life, and beyond)?

I always marvel at how very intelligent, scientific minds, are absolutely professing the concept of “an open mind” and “relentless curiosity” and “question everything”, but yet fail to question the very limitations that creates their closed mindedness.

What lies beyond what you can imagine? I’m pretty sure that is how Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity. He did not regurgitate the “known facts” to academia at the time.

He too was willing to be scrutinised and ridiculed for his theory at the time.

But to this day, humanity still has not produced a scientific mind with his equal contribution to our evolution.

True maturity and intelligence is marked by a mind that is always willing to expand and learn new things.

No one is above their next level!

Love and Moonlight,


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