A Day In The Spa For Your Soul….

A Day In The Spa For Your Soul….

Have you ever noticed a feeling of being “stuck” or extreme agitation or perhaps a disconnect with everyone around you?

Have you looked at life and felt: “What is the purpose” with no good answer to motivate you to go on?

You know that you are doing your best but things don’t seem to be moving forward I your life.

“If we carry intergenerational trauma (and we do), then we also carry intergenerational wisdom. It’s in our genes and in our DNA.”

– Kazu Haga

Science shows that we only use 4-6% of our brain capacity. This ancient healing process of Life Activation, awakens dormant DNA in your spiritual body and it therefore starts a process of integrating this potential into your physical life.


It is so powerful, it affects your ancestors and descendants 9-4 generations. This time-tested methods inspire people to move past barriers and achieve breakthroughs in their life. It infuses your body with pure light. Making its way through blocks, issues and weaknesses that we may not even be aware of. It’s the first step to becoming who we truly are. This is the most precious gift you will ever give yourself! These healing modalities were handed down us by King Solomon in an unbroken lineage as he knew the benefits of this process! He knew how important this process would be in the modern age.

The life activation will:

  • Help you to identify your unique gifts
  • Reveal more detail to you about your life purpose
  • Start the process of activating your full potential
  • Enhance your immune system
  • Gifts you with increased awareness

Ultimately, It helps you to make sense of your life by transforming you and progressing your journey. We all have the potential to live a life of abundance – it is not just something that was gifted to a selected few with luck in their stars!

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