Why Duality Exist

Why Duality Exist


Have you ever wondered why this life is filled with what seems like extreme contrasts and disparities? Why do opposites and duality exist? I thought about this for a long time. If on cellular level, we are made up of atoms and atoms consist of a positive protons and negative electrons and neutral neurons. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that both experiences must be part of the coding, it must be part of the very fibre of life.

In Hermetic terms this is referred to as duality. But why does it exist?

Why do we have to go through the most excruciating experiences in life? Loosing a child, death, rejection, betrayal, trauma, disease? Is it just part of the lessons we came to learn, or is it something that is inflicted upon us by a cruel and revengeful God? Why did a Master of Light like Jesus experience some of the worst forms of torture, betrayal and rejection? Is pain just part of some cosmic initiation, or right of passage?

Somehow in the waves of pain that flows through our life, it is easy to become consumed by the pain and get stuck behind the obstacles. The obstacles start to block our growth and we become depressed. It is super easy to take the easy way out – escape. This can include: drugs, exercise, work, sex, bitterness, resentment, self pity – we all pick our poison.

In an attempt to make sense out of it all I came to the following simple conclusion: How can we know what a good piece of steak or a good glass of wine tastes like, if we haven’t sampled the really bad versions? Does our palate not developed based on the range or our taste bud exposure or experiences? Is it not much like a negative (film transparent) in photography, where the picture develops in the contrast between black and white that has been captured? Doesn’t that give us an idea of the whole spectrum of light?

“He who has not tasted the bitter does not understand the sweet.”
Yiddish Proverb

Perhaps negative experiences are just another intensity or concentration level of light. It teaches us about the spectrum of light? A less intenser version of light – but it is still LIGHT?

Perhaps in having both extreme positive and extreme negative experiences, we are able to find balance in the middle? Maybe the journey is to find your center despite how far and wide out you rotate in this pendulum of life?

Are you still spinning out of control, or have you come closer to your center, your true north? Are you on course with regards to your purpose in life? Are you closer to understanding exactly who and what you are for eternity?

Love and Moonlight,



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