Who Are You Hanging With?

Who Are You Hanging With?

When you are a leader (in any field) you often get scrutinised for the decisions you make, what you stand for, how you manage, how you dress, how you act, how you breathe even….. basically. It’s not an easy spot and that is why so many people choose not to be in the hot seat, or to be in the firing line.

In The Modern Mystery School things certainly are no different and I often hear the most disrespectful comments from people about our leadership team and I just think to myself: if you spew something like that out about someone you’ve never met – what is going on in your inside world? Sure, you can lend your ear to internet gossip or wild accusations, out of context accounts and malicious spreading of gossip. YES, you can choose to make up your mind about someone like that. I don’t judge the decision to buy into that, but I also don’t particularly think it’s a fair way of engaging and interacting with the world. I think a this kind of judgement is totally biased and unfair. Would you like it if the same shoes were put on your feet?

But, like some of my teachers will say, (slightly paraphrased): life is not fair, and if you are waiting for fair to arrive, you will never grow and move forward.

What I can do (that I believe is authentic and truthful), is to give my personal account and experience with these leaders. Now don’t get me wrong… I come from a world with a lot of distorted authority figures. People in authority positions, used to let my hair stand up straight, just at mere introduction. Family and friends who know me well, will tell you that I am single handedly, THE most stubborn person they know. I don’t really have the “controlable” personality type. I can tell you without a doubt that it took me a couple of years to fully see, and come to trust and respect the leadership team as they stand today. I”m not a “blind trust” person. But after 13 years of studying and working with this team I can without a doubt say that I have never come accross a group of people so dedicated to the empowerment of others. Never.

As someone who has come from a sexually abused background myself, I can tell you that I have NEVER had an inch of doubt that these leaders were nothing but professional and incredibly caring, in their conduct towards me. Í have never felt unsafe, taken advantage of or groomed for anything. I certainly would have picked that up from a mile away (because of my history). I believe that I am in integrity when I say this because it is 100% the truth that I can speak directly from – I can only share how I experienced it.

If I just draw from my own experience: I’ve had people accuse me of things unfairly in the past. It hurts, it’s dissapointing, it makes you feel terrible on the inside. These were all people I’ve often helped at great personal expense of my own time and money. These people all turned around and started bad mouthing me, while I just kept quiet and didn’t start a smear campaing about their actions. It seems like the less I said (and engaged) the angrier they got, and the more their gossip ran rife. I wonder why a person with a healthy psyche would do something like that? I have not ever gone back to prosecute or publically humiliate the person who molested me? I let him be, and let him play out his life, because I know – HE has to live with his conscience. Honestly speaking, from the dubious decisions I’ve seen him make in his past, I can’t see how his life can be successful or even remotely fulfilling! I can not see that he will ever reach a state of pure joy, especially knowing what he did to another human, without asking pardon for it! I don’t feel I have to give him even ANY more of my time to try and be a vengeful angel to “bring him to some form of justice”? I don’t need his apology! It’s not energy I want to engage with, much less spend  ANY time with!  I have a beautiful family, a gorgeous husband and the most unique kids. They are each well adjusted and talented in his/her own field of choice. I wouldn’t be able to manifest this if I was still in any way hung up or dragged down by the trauma of the past? I’ve succesfully started and run more than 5 businesses, I continue to grow and help other people grow and overcome ….. MY FRUIT shows that I’ve moved on from that trauma!

They say you are who you hang with, and I have to say: I’m very proud of the gang I’m hanging with. The people who find The Modern Mystery School are normally people who seek enligtenment, they’ve seen the world as a set of failed systems (designed by people with very good intent) but ultimately it ended up horribly distorted or convoluted by personal agendas. They have servant hearts, they want to make the world a better place, they seek PEACE! They want to see people standing in their power more than anything I’ve ever seen in my life (and I worked professionally as and advisor of employment equity principles in corporate). They are people who actively seek to be a better version of themselves today, than what they were yesterday. They are people who want to work together and collaborate to bring beauty, joy and peace back to earth. They are people who encourage you to be better, aim higher, dream bigger. THAT is my kind of crew.

They say you are what you see – well this is what I see in my fellow students, teachers and leaders and I am quite proud of that reflection! They are lovely people, totally unique in their expression of who they are, hilariously funny, incredibly serious/hard workers and when they give you their word, commitment and dedication – you can count on it!

When you get a friends invite on a certain social media platform, you always tend to go to the “mutual friends” button. Ok confession time – at least I do!!! If it’s someone I don’t know and we have NO friends in common – off course – its a no go. But if they have a lot of friends in common with me, and they have a legit profile, I will considering the “accept” option. I honestly think the universe works like that too. If you are going to hang around people who play out a victim narrative you are going to get more invites from those!! If you hang out around people who continues to prosecute (old pattern observed) and lives in the past, and refuses to move on – then some of that thinking will for sure spread in your aura. It’s like the rotten banana or apple in the fruit bowl analogy – it’s physics – you can’t avoid getting infected yourself. And surely, you will manifest more of those friends because all thoughts are acted upon! Thoughts are creations!

I am proud to hang with this crew and if you don’t want to accept my friend request because of the crew that I hang with, I’m cool with that. Really cool with it. Really REALLY cool with it! Each to his own. What I can tell you is that like minded people are finding me on a daily basis and boy oh boy – do we connect and do we have fun things to talk about and we have things TO DO – SERVICE THINGS!!!! EMPOWERMENT THINGS!! I’m totally cool with my crew, the people I hang out with. I happen to have huge respect for their wisdom, their service and the journey it took them to get where they are today.

Love and Moonlight,


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