Versions and Views

Versions and Views

Have you ever noticed how in the movies – we always know exactly who is the “bad guy”, who to trust, who is talking the truth, who is acting in OR without integrity and what the real story BEHIND the story is? You know, we know who is going to get blindsided, and we definitely (in horror movies) know who is going to get the chop, right? We get the “plot”?

Have you noticed how life is eerily the same life is, but also exponentially more difficult?

We don’t know who is lying to us, we don’t know who is plotting and out of integrity – we only have our suspicions, our intuition, our gut feel and perhaps if we are lucky, a piece evidence, a word of gossip, grapevine or hearsay to confirm our world view.

Often times when we are very perplexed about how things are happening, we suspect something is going on, but there is nothing we can do in that moment to change it – simply because people have free will, we are excluded from certain conversations or knowledge e.g. at work you have a corrupt boss and no amount of whistle blowing is going to make the right people see through the front. Often time, very good employees leave, because the notice that there is a business culture that is out of integrity and they feel powerless to change the status quo. But if that was a movie, we would all be routing for the underdog, because we can clearly see that the person they are working for is corrupt.

If only in life it was that easy to know for sure when things are off!

This is the exact reason why we recommend that people do Healers Academy 1! This helps you to clear your spiritual senses (your gut feel, your intuition also known as the third eye). This helps you to clearly see in situations, even when you don’t see things clearly! Off course over the years this super power sense gets blocked and because we make mistakes as a child, we learn not to trust that inner gut feel anymore! And slowly but surely we electively start to shut that sense down!

Your gut is your super power! It is what helps you navigate through very tricky life situations, soul contracts and it is what will keep you safe in situations where it will surpass all logical understanding!

Yes, we may not always know things for sure and for fact like in the movies, but I bet you that your gut about something will be right more often than not. And when you start to trust yourself and your gut feel again, you will have great results as an adult, because you know will not only have your gut, but also a rich set of experiences and wisdom to draw from as an adult!

You guy will not always get you in trouble! If you clean it out, it will be the thing that separates your above the rest in every area of your life!

Love and Moonlight, Leonie

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