Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

I have always been a bit of a “busy body” – not in the gossipy way, but in the literal sense of the word. On a good day, I have about fifty good and worthy-of-my-time projects or tasks on my desk. True to my Taurian nature, I just put on the yoke, and I start to plough through the piles. I love throwing myself into my work, and basically work is whatever I create for the day. Not only do I have a successful healing and teaching practice, but I also run a corporate consultancy firm, and to have a creative outlet – I’m also a photographer. I am definitely not the “overnight success” kind of photographer, but I know where I’m going and what I want to achieve and create. My work might not be exactly where I’d like it to be at the moment, but I know in time I’ll reach those goals. I know, because my recipe in life is simple: I don’t stop until I achieve what I’ve set out to do.

Part of honing my photography craft entailed that I upgrade on equipment, but also that I better understand the use and limitations of my equipment. Most photographers will know that taking the pictures is about a third of the work (the other is marketing and post production editing if you were wondering). Any tool you can get to better your editing skills, and even better, make it go faster (trust me, it is tedious to edit 1000 photos) is a quick and easy sell to a photographer.

I was fortunate enough to receive a very special editing tablet from my husband for Christmas! (I suspect silently he is praying that I either stop overshooting, or that miraculously this tablet with make me sit behind the desk for fewer hours!). Either or, working with this new tool made me realise a profound thing about my tools as a healer…….

As I am testing this AMAZING new tool – I can clearly see that not only will it half my editing time – it also gives me the ability to edit in much finer detail and in a way that puts less strain on my wrists! Now that to me is a delight to see and experience! I can now (after just two days!) almost not imagine going back to my old keyboard, mouse-driven way of editing in the software program that I use!

This is so much the same as what I know my clients in my healing practice experience, when for instance they’ve had an Emotional Cord Cutting! They almost always comment on how much lighter they instantly feel and pretty much always comment on how they find it hard to believe that a 20 minute intervention can actually bring more relief than 9 months in therapy! At first they think that the feeling will “wear off” in a couple of days. But truth be told, they will never feel the same original weight of their emotions again! There may be new weight and processing that will come in after a couple of weeks, and some of the old fights might “re-ignite” some of the old wounds. However, they will never feel as “heavy’ as they’ve felt before their first Emotional Cord Cutting Session!

At the time, I could also not imagine what my emotional world would look like, after finding the tools of the Modern Mystery School. However, I do know one thing for sure – just as I can’t imagine doing things the old, laboursome, longwinded way in terms of editing for my photography, I can for sure not ever imagine my emotional and spirit body be weighed down by the unnecessary weight of unprocessed and unproductive emotions ever again! Just like my new tablet which I can not ever imagine taking it back to the manufacturers to ask for a refund, because my life is simply so enhanced by the product they created! I feel the same about the Mystery School tools and that is why I value it! No amount of money IN THIS WORLD or beyond can pay for the inner peace and agility I have today when it comes to feeling, processing and using my emotions more effectively! I can not imagine living my life any other way. Now in retrospect, see the money that I’ve spent on my own emotional health as a total investment in myself, my relationships and the future of my children (and even their children)! What a worthy way to invest! What a great bank with eternal value, to store your money (energy) in! The return on investment will produce fruits for eternity!

Love and Moonlight,



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