The Truth About Jesus

The Truth About Jesus

Easter is a time of celebrating one of the most significant human beings on this earth – Jesus Christ. A man whom I long followed and long admired.  In fact, I do, to this day still.

Coming from a Christian background and a place where we have many Christian friends, we often get asked the following question: “Don’t you love Jesus anymore”? (Normally goes with a heavy frown that signals a questioning of my sanity and bafflement of my “betrayal” of Christianity). My answer to this is always: “More!” (normally followed by a deeper frown and a “now she really lost her mind and all credibility”)….

Traditional believers struggle with this concept a lot! If you don’t read your Bible every day, and you don’t go to church, you can’t love or learn from Jesus’ example anymore…….My question is always: “Who said that to be true?” Dogma. Yes, man made, man manipulated dogma. You can site the Bible all you want, but there is lot of twisting of scriptures that happens all the time and worse, all the true information is not even captured in the current circulating version of the Bible anymore (the content was also manipulated by man – and you can go read up about the process if you don’t believe me).

As a scholar of Kabbalah, the Tree of Life and most advanced form of esoteric studies and “heavenly knowledge” available to us on the planet, you learn the sacrifice made by Jesus and the true path that he walked. And trust me, it’s not all just the information that’s available in mainstream religion today! There is more! And that is what I want to broadcast over the mountain tops this Easter, our first Easter living in the new world – Shamballah! Jesus is alive, everything is possible through Him BUT, it is all also possible through YOU!

One of things He clearly said is: “you can do everything that I can do AND MORE’.

This means – you and I should be:

  • Healing the sick
  • Standing up against injustice
  • Doing miracles
  • Forgive
  • Stand in service to others
  • Learn to control our emotions
  • Overcome temptations
  • Defeat the darkness (including our own!)
  • Have peace in your heart
  • Not harm the children
  • LOVE PEOPLE UNCONDITIONALLY (and this is a hard one – even for me!)

And the list goes on and on. Most people are well aware of actions Jesus took on this earth. But what about the actions he took (and is still taking) beyond this world? Are you aware of that? Are you aware of your own potential beyond this physical existence? Is your life supposed to be one long set of trials, challenges and a tedious series of suffering encounters?

Or are you supposed to live life ALIVE and in living in your fullest potential? Worse, do you believe you are living your fullest potential and you lack nothing?

The question becomes: why don’t we live our best lives?

Answer: Because living up to our fullest potential means taking responsibility and it requires honesty, sacrifice and discipline.

These are amongst the admirable traits that Jesus had. He was willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING for us. He overcame his negative ego and he stepped into 100% service FULL TIME. No breaks, no holidays. FULL TIME! Not just some things, everything.

If Easter is about celebrating the rising of Jesus Christ, that’s given us the opportunity to live life to our fullest potential, why are we not rising? Why are we not doing it? Why are we not living a life of victory, instead of defeat? If we believe in His miracles  – why are we not following his example? Because God knows, the world needs us right about now. Now more than ever is our time to rise! Our time to shine to make a difference. Why are we not?

Because we don’t know who we are. I believe it is partly because we have no clue who we are beyond the physical.

If this question bugs you – you can start to answer this in a class called Empower Thyself. It really is to empower YOU to rise to new levels of yourself and to follow Jesus’ example. In more ways than you can ever imagine. Trust me, it blew my mind away when I heard it the first time. Contact me if you feel like you’ve had enough of the status quo of the world and if you are ready to rise and be the change (like Jesus)!

Love and Moonlight,


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