The State of Humanity

The State of Humanity

There is so much around us that can lead us to despair at the moment. I almost think you’d have to be super human to stay unaffected by what is happening in the world. In the South African context, it feels like it’s even worse. Corrupted leadership, COVID-19 lockdowns, looting, cyber attacks on our government import and export ports, the building of the public prosecutor burning down (with countless important public documents), taxi violence, you name it. It’s more than just a jungle out there. In fact, at this point, I think the jungle would be a much safer place to roam than the streets of the average South African city. On top of that EACH AND EVERYONE of us has an almost insurmountable mountain of challenges to overcome in our personal lives. And I mean REAL challenges. No one has got it easy! No matter what their Facebook or Instagram page says!

Founder Gudni Gudnason posted the following note about humanity today. So short, so succinct, but just want I needed to hear in order to redirect my ever growing personal fears and disgruntlements about humanity’s inability to stand together to create sustaining choices for change:

“Mankind certainly deserves admiration, as the greatest of all beings”. Hermes Trismegistus

I suspect the key in this reference is the “kind’ in mankind – that is, if we choose to be kind. And “kind’ can mean so many things for so many people. I really believe the key lies in soul contracts we have with each other. Something that is sourly misunderstood in this life is that “kind” doesn’t always mean love, flowers and lack of boundaries. Sometimes, you HAVE to be cruel to be kind. A concept I’ve long struggled to understand.

And this changed my fears into simple prayers: “May God help us remember who we are. May WE remember who we are. May we remember that we are Light, that we are good and that we came here to bring change and bring hope and beauty to dark planet. May we, like the Goddess Quan Yin, sing our way back from the underworld and never forget who we are. May we have the courage to stay focussed on the lesson and not turn our anger on the teacher (human or circumstantial).”

Now it was hard to not hear the voice of Mufasa in that prayer. But if it helps you remember, then me and The Lion King are both happy to be of service! And by the way – that statement puts you above magnificent animals like these lions! Think about that!

Love and Moonlight, Leonie

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