The Star Inside

The Star Inside

There is something about watching a movie that is documenting the story of a famous person or star in the make, that just deeply touches the heart. The sacrifices, the tears, the misdirected steps, the relentless rejection, the overcoming of seemingly insurmountable challenges behind the scenes, and off course, the collateral – the mistakes, made on the path to victory. Then comes the grand finale:  the scene where it all clicks in place and people finally see what this person always knew existed inside them.

If only we could route for our own life story, in the same way we route for the actors in a movie. We are all the star in our own movie. Perhaps it is time to sit down and see our own wisdom, inner feelings, choices and decisions we have taken EVERY step of the way. I say EVERY because even the misguided steps are steps and they take you forward towards your life’s mission. If we can only believe that we are destined for great things through crooked paths! I am learning to believe in myself and to trust my inner wisdom and GUIDANCE on matters. I’m starting to have a glimpse of what potential lies in me and what is waiting to come out and change the world. With grace and guidance, I will get there! We always suspect there is something great about us, but to TRULY believe that is the BIG challenge of life! And we won’t manifest it unless we truly believe it! Not only am I looking forward to seeing how my masterpiece will culminate into magnificent symphony, but I also look forward to seeing how everyone else will shine in their final scene too! Imagine the tears of relief when we let go of guilt and fears BECAUSE IT ALL WORKED OUT! A perfectly orchestrated conglomerate of lives shaping each other and coming together for one purpose!

What I also see in these movies is how they struggle to discern between outside noise, good advice and their inner voice. On a good day, this can be challenging! Discernment is only learnt through experience and to experience you have to DO (take action), which means you will make mistakes!

Often, I  see them blaming the coach, and at some point, they have a big fall out with the coach. The coach (wanting to help them reach their potential), often have to deal with their own guilt carried by mistakes they made in the past. Coaches often got their discernment and training through processes that caused other people hurt or loss.  They end up feeling bad for “pushing” the student because they don’t want to hurt someone again. They don’t want to “go there” again, yet they believe in their student so much! Most of the time, that doesn’t stop the coach from staying on the side of their protege. The student continues to blame the one who is applying the pressure for them to expand and grow. The coach contracts to be the first in the firing line, they contract to take all the purging first hand. The student often feel like a victim of bullying and that the coach is too is “hard” on them , when actually the coach is pushing them because they have seen their potential! The coach will take them to the edge of their limitation, so that they can realise there is no edge, but still – they turn around and prosecute as it is easier to do that than admit that they were causing their own limitation.  But that seems like quite a normal way for things to play out, right? So with the warts and all that makes the story line interesting, are feelings of guilt and resentment really necessary? Yet, we carry this as in our normal lives.

We all are in some way coaching another – your child, your partner, your colleague etc, so by default you will face prosecution, guilt, resentment, anger, and projection. Carl Jung so clearly spoke about the mirrors in the people around us.


There are many ways to deal with a situation. I personally believe in fighting it with love. Love is a force that can overcome all. The kind of love that a mother feels for their child. You know, no matter how much that teenager tells you that you are bad, evil, unfair etc, you know that you are still their mother and you would give anything to keep them safe. You would put whatever mud was thrown aside, and embrace them when they come to you for warmth and reassurance. We normally run to our mother when the world gets hard. We run to her safety because we know she saw it coming and we know she will understand and listen without judgement. We know that will understand that we had no bad intention. We know that she will oversee what has happened, because she knows we are experimenting with this thing called “life”. She knows where we came from. She most of the time know where we are going too.  No matter what mask children show the mother, she will hug the child like she never saw the mask. She will treat you like she only saw the real goodness (the true Spirit) behind the mask. She will forgive any transgression because she lives for more than herself. She exists to love.  The child’s mere existence gives her life meaning.

Recently I have come to understand it is an unlimited source that I can draw from. We are here to tap into the endless source of Love and spread it to all that walk the planet. Where are you blocking the unlimited Love from flowing to another? I know I am working on a long list that needs opening.

My encouragement is: you are your own star in your own movie, but you are also the coach in someone else’s movie. Don’t fear your part. Don’t fear your role. Embrace it, the “good” and the perceived “bad”. It is all authentic, it is all true, each one is playing the role the are supposed to play. One day your name will be in the credits of someone else’s movie as your actions helped shape them into their story.

The following quote encapsulates all the Sumika Soul Spa is about:

“Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe and one hand extended into the world and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy.” Albert Einstein

The following clip is dedicated to everyone searching. May you find!


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