The Magick of Letting go

The Magick of Letting go

I am currently going through a challenging time in my life. In the midst of it all, I am finding myself rather peaceful, despite the pressures of change and uncertainty. One of the ways I equalise myself, (apart from regular meditation practices) is by listening to music. It has been long known that music is soothing to the aching soul. Recently, I noticed something peculiar while choosing playlists to accompany me on my many business drives during the day: When I tried to choose which song would be appropriate to support me in the day, it would always be a hit-and-miss situation and my emotions would be very unstable. I noticed that if I played songs with a certain frequency, (where the words or melody are more melancholy), I would submit to a victim state much easier when I think about the challenges in my life.

Slowly but surely I started to realise that my choice of tunes, had a very big impact on my frequency and therefore had an impact on how I chose to create my world that day. Now, we can’t all be happy all the time – especially not by playing happy music (if only it was that easy!), but something did strike a chord with me.  I started experimenting with the following: instead of choosing a playlist for the day. To give you an idea my playlist names range from: My New Life, The Healing, Moving On, Babe List (hubby’s nickname for me) etc. I started to let go of my need to control my environment when I feel unsafe. I stopped choosing a playlist completely. I started to put my whole music library on the random selection function. RESULT?  The tunes have been flowing unbelievably! Each time the right song to pin the exact right moment would just come up next on the playlist. I felt so supported by the Universe in receiving these gifts! I could feel how the music was singing me home.

The magick I discovered in those moments, gave me a very important life lesson: let go of your need to control everything, and in that letting go, we may just as well be blessed with gifts which are orchestrated by a Hand supporting us through life. I am able to discover old songs with new meanings (my life experiences changed so my view or interpretation of the songs have changed completely!)

I am able to explore new melodies and frequencies that I wouldn’t normally be open to explore with a closed heart. My range or taste in music is expanding and most of all – I FEEL LOVED, SUPPORTED and ABSOLUTELY AT PEACE in the middle of what may seem like crumbling chaos. It is (still) well with my soul.

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