The Life of Your Dreams

The Life of Your Dreams

Do you believe you are living your best life today? Do you have a good partner, a good job, perhaps some children, pets, money, maybe you even drive or own your dream car? Are you complete? Or, do you still feel like some of your dreams have yet to come true?

Are you still “working on’ manifesting a few of your dreams?

Perhaps, like many people today, you have become despondent, you have given up, because hardly any of your dreams or ideas came true?

Were you allowed to dream as a kid, or were you told off by cynical or down trodden parents,who tried their best, but couldn’t bring their contracts into fruition? Often parents can project that fear of disappointment and in doing so, crush next generation? All in the name of “being realistic”.

The reality is this: if you still have any dreams that haven’t come true yet, something is leaking (or stealing) your dreams! You had the idea – you technically started the creation process for that idea to come into the physical! But somewhere, you got distracted and now someone is walking off into the sunset with your fruit! Literally!

And not because they are a bad person(s)  – it’s because they continued to believe in themselves, and you didn’t! If you continued to believe in yourself, you would have manifested your dreams and desires. Albeit admittedly with a little help of “The Law of Attraction” (the Universe!), you would have eventually have done it!  No dream is to big! The sustaining Source of all life has unlimited energy! Therefore, you and I have access to that bottomless pit! So keep going! Keep dreaming new dreams for tomorrow! There’s plenty for all to go around!

The big thing is… we were lied to a little bit by our parents (teachers, society etc). Hard work is not the only way to manifest your dreams! There are much easier and more energy efficient ways, they just didn’t necessarily know of them. Yes, hard work and discipline surely will reward eventually, but it is a long and hard road, which doesn’t have to be more complicated than what it already is! Life is relatively short! You can take clever, calculated “short cuts” and make your life more abundant AND you can leave a legacy to future generations!

It’s not that simple to just “think” something – but it sure goes a long way! Following the “thinking” of your dreams, it always requires a process that involves some action – before it comes into the physical. There is so much to learn about this ancient academical process in the study of Kabbalah! If you want to become a SUPER MANIFESTOR – I strongly suggest that you do a course in Universal Kabbalah through an authentic ancient mystery school like The Modern Mystery School (with it’s Western Head Quarters in Toronto, Canada). Why do I say “authentic” mystery school? Because there is a lot of “registered in 2016” mystery schools out there, pretending to hold ancient keys for manifestation, and it simply is not ancient.

If you feel like perhaps you are not manifesting as quickly as you hoped you would, or perhaps not at all – there are ways to expedite your manifestation process! Better even, it’s like a muscle that you can exercise and become better at it! What’s not to love about that idea?! The reality is that can we leak energy (or dreams) through our wounds from the past. It is therefore so important to walk a healing path aka “Know Thyself” the motto of all true ancient mystery schools since the time of Greece and Egypt. No they are not a myth, they are real and you and I can take part in and learn from manifestation and healing techniques from them!

The reality is – the currency of this world is money. It’s how we as humans have chosen to measure energy. Might not have been the brightest spark in the pool at the time, but we did it that way, and now we need to obtain it, make it, hide it, generate it. In order to make a living, move around and do the things we dream of, we need money (energy)! Don’t get me wrong, not all things are about money, and it’s not the only way to exist – but it sure gives you a lot more options, freedom and power to do good! Admit it, without money (or energy), it’s hard to do good things for other people! That in itself for me is a big motivator to work hard and generate spendable income, so that I can help other humans help themselves!

Don’t let someone else steal or borrow your dreams! Don’t let someone else pick the fruits of your labor! Only you can fulfill your life’s contracts, and the faster you do that, the quicker you can move on and HAVE FUN in your physical body! If you want a healing specifically aimed to help you with manifestation – hop on over to the “Sessions” tab and read up about the Potatoe Healing – it works!

Love and Moonlight,


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