The Art of Expression

The Art of Expression

Expression of our unique individuality is something that is really discouraged in a society that is largely driven by conformity and compliance. The argument is made by many that it avoids “chaos”.  The question becomes: wouldn’t we have less crime and escapism if we could work out a way in which people could express their individuality?  Instead of becoming vessels of bundled up energy, feelings and emotions that finds an outlet in other less healthy ways? Art or any form of creation tunes you into a much higher frequency and you are much less likely to be interested in hurting another when you are busy making your own creations (doing what makes you happy!).

The darkest parts of history accompanied times when governments removed the practice of art and subdued creative expression. In contrast: a blooming creative and art industry, is a sign of a healthy, prosperous society. This is true both in terms of creators and those able to appreciate and understand the meaning of the artists’ talent displayed. We are not all super creative and you may not even see yourself as artistic in any way or form.

But then the question becomes: what is art? Is it about creating something? Are you not using a certain level of creativity when you CREATE something as linear as a Budget on an Excel sheet? In a way you are taking different components (numbers) and adding it together to create data that you can interpret or get a new/better perspective of the company finances to enable decision making? To me that sounds like something is created because of an individual’s actions to put it together in a unique sequence to “paint” a true picture of the status quo?

We might think we are not worthy artists because of a voice from our childhood, our distorted self-perception (lack of self-trust, perfectionism, inferiority complex, negative ego etc).  For all you know you have gold(talent!) buried under all that dirt! As a healer, I am looking forward to a year of allowing myself to express my individuality. I am also looking forward to welcoming all kinds of expression in my environment and I look forward to learning from each creator-human. I am looking forward to seeing every person’s individuality. Even though it all may not be particularly to my taste at this point in time, I am happy to allow each one their space for expression. May 2019 bring you the freedom of heart to feel safe in expressing yourself. May you explore new parts of your own personal make-up. May you uncover your next big adventure.

To keep you inspired and motivated, I will be posting regular quotes about art which caught my eye. Happy Creating!

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