Subconscious Choices

Subconscious Choices

As a Certified Guide and Healer in The Modern Mystery School, I see and help people deal with a lot of personal shadow work. What do I mean with the term “shadow work”? Well, as much as we sometimes believe and act like we are mostly good beings, filled of light and love, we full well know that it’s not entirely true. With our glorious Light entering, comes the shadows we cast when we have broken or unhealed parts inside. Sometimes people need more intense healing than other, other times, people are able to move past trauma quite swiftly. But one thing is for sure, if you are still alive and breathing, you have something that you can and need to work on. There is nothing worse than when these broken parts have “convinced” you that they don’t even exist – then they can really keep you trapped! If you think you don’t need any healing, they’ve got you hook line and sinker! Your shadows have got you trapped and you are not living your best life – you are living in an illusion of your best life.

Here’s the thing. Think about when you are going through a list of movies that you’ve watched before. You scroll through and sometimes, even though you really liked a certain movie, you are just not in the mood to watch it again. At the time of finishing the movie, you may have been crying your eyes out, you might have even commented on how amazing the producers of these movies are, but somewhere inside your mind (or subconsciousness), you have stored a file or an “impression” of this movie.

Years later, when you casually go through your list of movies to watch, you make many split second decisions on what not to watch, because of the impression or opinion you stored in your subconsciousness about it. It might be an incredible movie, but you make a choice not not watch it, because you know it will make you cry and you don’t like to cry because it makes you feel vulnerable. It might be the best love story ever told, but you are single and watching it will remind you of what you do not yet have in your life.

We do exactly the same with people, experiences and situations from our past.

According to psychologists, we are only 10% conscious and 90% of our thoughts, feelings and emotions are below the surface – it’s sitting in our subconsciousness. In other words, we are basically making daily decisions blindly. What is our chance of having 90% success rate, when decisions are made by being only aware of 10% of the “facts”?

Our “job” or shadow work, is about making the subconscious, conscious by bringing what is stored in the subconsciousness into your every day consciousness. This is the task of “enlightenment”. This is what so many of the great masters in history have achieved.   This too, is our quest – and not to achieve only after death, but while we are here, in the physical.

Are you sure you are behind the steering wheel of your vehicle? Who has their foot on the accelerator of your life? Who decides where you go and don’t go? Who turns left and right for you in your life? It is your life, you will give account for what you did with your opportunities. Then why, hand so many of your life’s decisions to chance and other people’s agenda? How would your life change tomorrow if you started to make decisions on evidence and not on distorted feelings or perceptions you’ve had about a person/situation at the time. How would your life change if you stopped living in your past?

Love and Moonlight,


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