Spiritual Intuition

Spiritual Intuition

As human beings we are wonderfully created with many different layers and aspects to our physical AND spiritual bodies. Like the 5 physical senses we have available to explore, experience and observe the world around us, we also have 5 spiritual senses.  Naturally the function of the spiritual senses is to explore, experience and observe the spiritual world around us!


The sad part is that the 5 spiritual senses are often underdeveloped or completely shut down due to our conditioning or programming since birth. The ‘no you imagined it”, “no you didn’t feel that hurt”, “no you shouldn’t be like that” kind of energies that we get inundated with as children creates a slow shut down of these SUPER POWERS that we have in us!


The spiritual senses are super important as they are the higher intellect and they are what helps us keep to our true north! They are like the very advanced built-in GPS tracking systems of our body to help us move towards a spiritual contract made with another soul before birth, but it is also what guides us to steer clear from pending danger. The challenge is that the “voice inside” can be severely distorted by the other voice fighting for our attention and false “self-preservation” = the negative ego. The danger is that if you are not discerning clearly enough (and making decisions from your past hurts or subconsciousness), you might withhold yourself from experiences and lessons in life because you are trying “not to get hurt” again.


The Spiritual Intuition Class will help you take the first steps to ‘recalibrate” your internal GPS system! So that you can more clearly discern between what is your negative ego and what is one of your 5 spiritual senses feeding you valuable information to make decisions that progress you and bring you more joy in life.


Discover your spiritual gifts: clairvoyant (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentient (feeling) and how these can benefit you in your daily life.


This 3-hour workshop will provide you with a safe space to explore your natural gifts and abilities. Contact us if you feel drawn to this experience![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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