Shame. Such a sneaky incestuous emotion. One of the strongest emotions when it comes to coaxing you into doing something against your will, or better judgement. A tool used against humanity since the beginning of time!

And YES! I am shaming shame! Because the moment you give your power of choice away to it, you go down a very long and dark path of self sabotage!

When you start to look at life hermetically, there is a principle: “as within so without, as without so within”.

What does this mean in practice?

How about we look at a physical example of what happens in the spiritual body:

Let’s say you cut your hand doing something you were not supposed to do. So you were stealing flowers from your neighbor’s yard and while you were pulling your hand back, you cut your hand on the rusted fence.

This hand is fine at first. You feel you can handle it yourself by putting an antiseptic ointment on it. Heck, you are even more pro-active and you cover it with a band aid! You don’t want to have tell people what happened with your hand, so you handle the first aid yourself.

After three days, your hand starts to swell up and you get a temperature of 38 degrees. Now you are starting to be uncomfortable because clearly what you did, did not work. But, remember, you are still too ashamed to admit what happened, so you really really don’t want to go to the doctor! PLUS it’s going to cost you money! And you don’t want to spend any money (because in your mind you don’t have the money to help yourself). Is this starting to sound familiar yet? Are you connecting the dots?

Off course, in the physical scenario, most people know that it would be fool hardy not to pay the money to get help, for what is clearly an infection in your body. If you don’t have a medical aid, most people would encourage you to beg, steal or borrow the money to get help to retain the use of your hand or avoid potential death!

However, most people act out exactly the same kind of fool hardy avoidance when it comes to their spiritual and emotional bodies! The part of you (by the way) that is going to live forever! That “spiritual hand” is often so infected, in fact it’s got gangrene already, but they are ashamed to talk about their past and/or they don’t want to face what the they don’t know (everything that is sitting in the subconsciousness)!  It’s so painful to “go there’ that they’d rather not even see it.

BUT, the problem is: you will see it! You will see the fruits in your life, your relationships, your work and worst of all for me: you will eventually start to see that same hurt play out in your kids’ lives! Because it is a pattern that has to be broken! And if you don’t face it and deal with it, your children will be forced to!

It is so sad to say – but it’s true! I see it play out every day in my healing room!

Girlfriend, Sir – have the courage – deal with the matter! Don’t let shame shame you into not getting help. Relationships don’t have to hurt – at any moment you and I have the power to turn the pain cycle around! And, its much easier than you think!

Love and Moonlight,


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