Severity or Mercy?

Severity or Mercy?

Are you living in a space of constant severity, or perhaps you are giving too much mercy to those around you? What did your  parents model to you? Were they too severe in their punishment of you as a child, or did they mostly let you get away with pretty much anything, showing too much mercy for what is healthy to a growing child?

Life is a learning experience. Somehow, between year 1 and year now, we learn that it is a shame to make a mistake. God forbid, more than one! In the teachings of Universal Kabbalah (Kabbalah is the most advanced set of esoteric teachings available on the planet to us today), we learn about how to walk the Middle Pilar. What this means is basically to always walk around in perfect balance, in perfect alignment, expressing our true purpose in God. But is that even possible? The answer is YES! That is what enlightened masters like Jesus and Buddha did! That is essentially what it means to be “enlightened”!

It means that you walk around with a perfect balance between the left and right side pillars of the Tree of Life, called Severity and Mercy. It is about being so in tune with yourself, being so centered, that you know when to act with which intensity of severity and mercy that is required to stabilise the situation or environment around you. This is true self mastery.

What I see in the world out there is quite the opposite. Where people are abused and used – it is because they apply too much mercy and understanding towards the perpetrators of these behaviours in their life. In other words – the individual is not centered, not empowered to have a voice to use some severity and say: “You know what – if you are going to do this, this will mean the end of our interaction etc. I know who I am and I am worth more than the behaviour you are showing me”.

It means that maybe you don’t have to eat dinner with the murderer of your loved one necessarily, but in time, with a little bit of understanding and healing, you can get yourself to apply mercy and understanding (even though you may never agree with their decision), to forgive the soul for the horrid deed they committed. And that leads to the decision to forgive them, not for them only, but for yourself – so that you can move on with your life and continue to fulfill your life’s contracts, while you are left on earth.

A good current example in South Africa is the allegations against Katlego Maboe. He confessed to his partner (who apparently recorded it – I do question the motive for the recording and the publication), and then her brother (not her) accused Katlego of abusing her. Katlego admits to cheating but denies abuse, and with out a fair trial, still loses his income (most probably his career) from Outsurance and The Espresso Morning Show. Now don’t get me wrong – I am a huge supporter of woman causes and equal rights for woman, children, animals, LGBTQ and the likes. I will be the first to burn my bra and demand equal treatment in the workplace. I see the need for awareness campaigns like the #metoo and #blacklivesmatter. However, I believe it is very dangerous territory, because these movements can take on a life of it’s own. With so many ears and mouths passing on, shouting out, exposing and accusing publicly, it can very quickly take on a life of it’s own. Keeping in mind that even the whistle blowers are able to corrupt the message, as it will go through their own filters of hurt, victimhood or tendency to play out the prosecutor role they might have been playing out in their life. It is therefore I believe, not fair to simply act with extreme severity. Extreme severity for me would be destroying a person’s career, without having a fair trail or at least fair evidence on the table. By ruining his future, you also take away a father’s ability to generate income and provide for his child on the long run. Something like this can so quickly storm out of balance, especially with social media and the speed at which news (albeit fake sometimes) spreads around the globe. How do you stop this fire from consuming a whole potentially innocent (because that is what we presume someone is until proven differently) person’s career. Is this really a fire you want to start and are you willing to carry the Karma if this fire was unjust? What about the woman or partner that gets paid off to trash the career of someone in the public eye?

Some situations require a small dose of severity and some situations require a big dose of mercy – and versa visa!

But it starts with our ability to stay centered (not getting overly absorbed in the emotion), while you are able to act with self love, compassion and more importantly discipline, because these almost saintly aspects we are talking about above, are very difficult to attain. And trust me, the emotional button or trigger is different for everyone – and what would completely throw you off balance, will seem quite “easy” for someone else and so forth.

The important thing to understand is this: with the study of Kabbalah (the Tree of Life) and by walking the path of Ascension, you are introduced to all these aspects of God and God’s characteristics in your life. And it will be up to you to respond and find your center. Not an easy task – but completely possible and SO needed in a time like today where we need to create a world of peace. But important to remember: Peace starts within, and if we are not able to create peace (balance) within ourselves, we will never create it externally and on a planetary level.

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