Playing Out Past Hurts

Playing out past hurts

The past weekend we visited the beautiful Cedarberg mountains outside of Clanwilliam. While we were all lounging around the river “pool” area, my daughter and some other friends climbed up the semi cliffs on the other side of the rock pool. The objective? To take a leap into the water while shouting: “I believe I can fly!” If you know my daughter, you will know that it comes from her very adventurous and almost goofy sense of humor. Even though everything in that moment was perfect, I couldn’t stop myself from cringing every time a child jumped off the cliff.  I paused for a moment to wonder why I had this internal reaction as an almost nauseating pain shot through my body as they plunged into the pool?

Was I just a concerned mom, worried about the potential risk my child is exposed to? Did I have a bad feeling about something that was going to happen? I re-assessed the risk of the situation and realised that it was perfectly safe for them to jump off the cliff.  Then it clicked for me! Early December 2016, I had an accident where I jumped into a pool and I broke my leg.  The pool was more shallow than I anticipated it, so I broke my tibia and fibula right into the ankle. I realised that my body’s natural response was to “protect” in similar situations. My physical body was having the same reaction to a potential physical danger, as our spirit has to potential emotional pain. I’ve become intensely aware of the fact that all the principles that counts for our physical body, applies to our spiritual body.

I commented to my friend that this is such a real life example of what happens to us with inner child or childhood hurts. When faced with a situation where we observe signals associated with past hurts e.g. smells, sounds, textures, we immediately contract. In other words, because of the hurt sitting in our subconscious, we  tend to “react” out of fear, instead of assessing the situation from a neutral stance point. How many times have you been caught out by your subconscious? How many times have you re-acted to a situation, instead of calmly assessing the situation before taking thought through action? Grabbing hold of these subconscious thoughts or impulses, is what personal mastery is all about. This is by no means an easy task and is a skill learnt through many years of introspection. We have powerful tools to assist clients to cut away the ties of their past. If we can release emotional cords, we can give ourselves a real fighting chance to achieve personal mastery. It all starts with taking one different step. It takes one act from the normal response to change your own personal path. Don’t let old hurts keep you back from enjoying past experiences. Release the emotions around those experiences so that you can start creating new experiences on a blank slate. That is how you re-engineer your life! Contact us for an Emotional Cord Cutting today.

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