Pieces of the Puzzle

Pieces of the Puzzle

Do you believe in Magick? Not the illusionary, smoke-screen-and-tricks kind (the proverbial pulling a rabbit out of the hat!), but the true, deeply transformative alchemy of the soul? The legacy leaving magick of the Masters? The kind that allows you to harness all the energy in your aura to perform miracles, or live a life in abundance (and in service to yourself and others)?

I often get the question from people: “But where is my magick? What are my gifts? When am I going to “feel” the magick?”

The answer is as mysterious as it is practical! Your gifts are like a puzzle of which you’ve lost some pieces during the journey down to experience physicality on earth. Your mission is to find all the missing pieces and rebuild the puzzle so that you can be in alignment with your individuality – your true and pure essence since the time you were a spirit!

The important thing to remember is this: It is your responsibility to go out and find YOUR pieces! They are hidden in places, between people (relationships), behind experiences, at the end of heartbreaks, embedded in your workplace, revealed in service, or magnified in healings or empowerment workshops you attend!

The Jews has this concept of your tikkun! It’s like you shortly before birth, you went around the earth before and left little thunderbolts of your spirit everywhere – only to “gather” all these bolts or sparks of life as you make your way around in the physical!

So perhaps, you and me are on a journey to find our magickal sparks! Like little puzzle pieces that we find hidden in the most unlikely places! And if you are brave enough to persist, one by one you can put back the pieces to make your picture whole!

There are so many layers and pieces in your puzzle! Do you dare to explore? And if you are already exploring – are you getting impatient because you are not getting the instant results you expected?

My advice is this: Keep going! Because you don’t know when the next piece of the puzzle you click into place completes the picture!

Enjoy the journey! It’s truly magickal! You are the best topic you will ever study!

Love and Moonlight, Leonie

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