Lessons in Life

Lessons in Life

Think about someone who recently offended you. Someone that you simply can not stand. Someone that manages to really push your buttons. Have they said something that really got to you on the inside (if you are REALLY honest about it?).

How did you treat this person? Did you just simply block them from your life? Ostrich approach? Or did you go out to find an audience (who you suspect shares your view of this person), and you gossiped them past their doubts about the person, into complete rejection? Have you manipulated someone’s view or perception of this person, this brand, this company – in order to validate yourself for being “right’ and them for being “wrong”?

Congratulations! You’ve won yourself another round of that mountain(life lesson)! You have walked and talked yourself out of your own personal growth, right into another scoop of the same pain you’ve experienced before.

You see – everyone is our teacher. If you listen carefully to the people, and the words of people in your life, you will find amazing clues as to where your wounds are. In other words – the person who provokes an emotional reaction in you, is the person who is pointing you to where your unhealed areas are.

Don’t discredit someone else, just because you refuse to deal with your own hurt. Often “but it is them” means “it is my unhealed wounds that I refuse to deal with”. When you have something to say about someone or something – make sure your vision is clear and not distorted. The more healed you are, the more you will see people’s stuff for the truth that it is and the less their stuff will affect you. However, if it is your stuff that comes up because it is provoked by them, IT IS YOUR STUFF.

How do you know if it is your stuff?

If you feel an emotion on the inside and it lasts more than 30 or so minutes, it is YOURS! If you are riding that emotion like a rocking chair, and you are revisiting that event, even two days after, ITS YOURS!

If only we can get honest with ourselves and stop naming, shaming and blaming our teachers in life, we will evolve to be a much cleaner, much purer society. But we insist on hanging on to our “offences” instead of being a seeker of truth.

Take some time today to identify your teachers – even the recent ones you rejected, resented, ridiculed and discredited. What were they trying to tell you about yourself (consciously or unconsciously)? And then, get yourself ready to face the gift (lesson) they held in their hands again. The gift that you smacked out of their hands like a child, because you were not satisfied with what was wrapped in the box. The box that you refuse to open because you were so hurt, so disappointed and so mistreated in the past. The past is the past, your teacher is your present and how you choose to accept and treat your teachers, determines how you will be leading your future. What future have you been building lately? Have you been desecrating your teachers? Or have you been embracing their gifts and lessons as a gift from the Universe?

The universe is there to support you. Everything in this world exists to help and support YOU! You are the star in your own movie.  Every character (or actor) and every chapter  were created by you! You are busy publishing your book! Don’t discredit your own work but embrace all as the synchronous artwork that it is!

Love and Moonlight, Leonie

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