Journey Inward to Know Thyself

Journey Inward to Know Thyself


A little over 10 years ago, I was introduced to The Modern Mystery School by a friend and colleague. Little did I know at the time, what great adventure awaited me!


Looking back, I can see that I’ve come such a long way in my personal progression and growth! Over 10 years of learning, change, dedication and service to myself and others, I have learnt so much about ME through the reflection of me in others!


This is a journey that I will forever be grateful for! I have learned to understand myself, my preferences, my purpose, my past hurts, my strengths and how I react in different circumstances. I have learned how to CREATE almost anything I can set my mind on, and I have learned that really nothing by myself can create a limitation in my life. I have learned about my shadows. I have learned to look reality in the face, but I have learned to follow the voice inside – the calling – the inner being – my HIGHER SELF!


On this path I have transformed many aspects or layers of me and I have learned what it means to empower myself and others. In my view – this is something that money simply can not buy. No disease, no hardships, not even death, can take this wealth of my kingdom away. And for that I am truly eternally grateful.


Are you curious about your purpose in life? Are you aware of the potential hidden inside you? How do you react (or over react) when you experience pain, perceived threat in life? Are you living a life that is balanced? I know I certainly am trying to get that right!


This potential can be unlocked using holy ancient techniques handed down to us by the keepers of this secret knowledge. What started this journey for me was undoubtedly the Life Activation I received from my friend and for that I will be ever grateful to her! If you are ready to take that first step to create your own Summer, contact me through the website and we can sit down to have a cup of tea!


Love and Moonlight,



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