It’s all Relative

It’s all Relative

If you are in a conversation, and you told someone that you lived close to Cape Town, just that statement alone, is relative. If you lived in Durban your whole life and you a town like Greyton, you would probably argue that settling in a nice property, at a good price, in a quiet little town like Greyton, is close to Cape Town.

I often have people from Cape Town, saying to me: “Oh, you live all that way out there?”. I live in Somerset West, 25 minutes away from Cape Town, it’s hardly out there, but for some Cape Tonians it is “out there”. To the guy in Greyton, I’m living close to Cape Town (he thinks even he lives close to Cape Town – it’s not Durban anymore!). It’s his perspective that because of where he’s comes from, he lives close to Cape Town. But if people don’t understand his perspective (or lives closer), they don’t agree that he lives close by.

In my head, I also live close to Cape Town – but to a true Cape Tonian, I’m “out there”.  I say this tongue in the cheek, and with a little smile, because Cape Tonians are known for thinking everything past Woodstock is “out there” and too far to drive. We are spoiled with so much beautiful “town” and so much to do in this “town”. We don’t like leaving our city or province!

But what does this have to do with spirituality or life you ask?

Well, it’s all about perspective. Are you listening to people in the world around you, conciously knowing that what they are giving you is just their perspective? Personally, I think it is how we give a lot of our power away in life. We buy into the version or vision that people want’s us to see. The world or image they are trying to create with their words.  In life, people have different perspectives. That in itself is not a problem. The problem comes when people try to convice other people that only their perspective exhists. Some of the biggest damage I’ve seen people do, is to try and convince someone that their perspective is:

  • the only one
  • the best one
  • the right one
  • the truest one

And so forth. I see people, family, schools, businesses, institutions, the media, governments, all trying to convince the masses that their perspective (or at least the one they are trying to portray) is the right one. You will live life with much more clarity if you realised that what everyone around you is saying, is their perspective. Your job is to discern if what someone is saying is:

  • true
  • useful
  • wise
  • necessary to even entertain
  • one sided
  • ambigious

And so forth. But if your spiritual lenses of perception is not clear, you will struggle to sense if someone is lying to you – and you will follow them or their advice (at your own personal expense eventually). This is why we recommend doing Healers Academy 1! The class helps you to clear your lenses of perception – it helps you to discern between right and wrong. It helps you to see clearer – to see yourself, the world, your relationships – everything!

Are you ready to live a life more in tune to yourself and more authentic? Are you ready to see the things you previously missed in your life? A wise friend of mine said to me one day (after having to deal with the hurt of her second divorce) – she said: “Leonie, previously I didn’t want to see, now I LOOK”. I totally got what she meant by that. She was for sure looking a lot harder at early red flags shown, much earlier in the relationship.

But we don’t have to learn through pain! That is the good news! There is a different way! By developing our wisdom and discernment, we can avoid painful life experiences such as divorce etc.

The question is this: are you ready to see?

Love and Moonlight,


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