It’s all about the Money

It’s all about the Money

People sometimes ask me why I charge “so much” for “spiritual stuff that is free”. People sometimes say: “Energy is free – I can do the energy work for myself”. And my response is this: “Energy might be free and available to all, but rent for the room where you are standing in, electricity, petrol, school fees and house installments are not. Like any human I have those expenses to pay too and I choose to do so by offering spiritual services. Like it is written in our constitution, people have the right to choose a vocation of their choice to provide for their family.

My way of provision (albeit a little bit unconventional) is completely legit and I charge according to what my time is worth in corporate as a professional because I believe I offer a professional solution to people’s emotional and physical health problems.

When you work with people and their shadows, you also very quickly learn how incredibly important the exchange is. If you keep feeding someone for free like a baby, when will they learn to grow up and be independent?  My question to you would then be: if you are this incredibly skilled at moving energy around and healing yourself, why do you still complain about the same personal problems and stuff that keeps coming up for you?

Then either you don’t have enough knowledge about the energy resource you are talking about, and/or you don’t know how to direct/move that energy to create a certain result for yourself. And that is clearly part of the problem? If that is your superpower, and you are a do good person – why don’t you go out and heal the world and all it’s problems for free? This kind of argument is just not rational. This is why just throwing money at the problem of poverty is also not the solution to the earth’s problems. It might give temporary relief, but it will not solve the mentality that created poverty and famine.

I am not ashamed to say that I am a professional and I am trained and qualified over many years to be able to do what I do today. In fact, 11 years of in depth study and commitment brought me here! I have a particular skills set that I worked for, and I left my full-time corporate business to help people heal and progress. Why should my service be seen as “less than” because mainstream people don’t understand it yet? Why should I charge less? Especially while I’m seeing amazing results in people’s lives, especially amongst those who chooses to work on their shadows and who wants a break from the destructive cycles and emotional pain in their life? Why should I not be committed and professional to such a worthy cause? What price do you put on someone who turns their life around in three sessions, turning a way from suicidal thoughts, substance and emotional abuse of themselves and others?

To the notion that “your prices are quite expensive, therefore it must not be a legit spiritual service”. I can only chuckle, because where in the world do you actually see that statement true? In fact, the world works on the premise that more expensive something is – it must mean, more durable, valuable, effective, luxurious, legit etc. The only time you will say something like this is, if you can’t afford it, but that means you don’t have first-hand experience of the value and benefits of the item. You don’t value it enough to invest your time and money into it. And then, I don’t think it is fair to trash the product with your mere opinion about it.

Prices are completely relative to who you are. If it is expensive to you, it doesn’t mean it is expensive to someone coming from the more secure financial background, someone from the United Kingdom or the USA who have a much stronger currency versus our currency. If you earn a professional wage, my prices are in line with professionals providing any kind of personal or health care service. In fact, our work is way more cost effective versus years of talk therapy which keeps the client walking in circles.

The question is: what are you doing for money? Is it a more legit avenue? Does it have eternal value to you and the person(s) you are serving? Money is the currency of this world and whether we like it or not, we all have to do something to earn it to sustain ourselves and our family.

If finances is the real root of your problem, I always recommend some of the more affordable options on our website for instance. You don’t have to sign up for the biggest, most advance modalities or classes first? If you look carefully you will see classes and healings that are well within reach of the “average” person on the street.

But people sometimes also decline this after their excuse for not doing any work on themselves was the money. When you take that obstacle away, things become more clear. That shows me that the “I don’t want to” is the problem, not the price. And THAT is a different conversation. You don’t have to walk in and do the most expensive healing on the list. If you can smoke, buy sweets, drink coffee at chain shops, you can afford to pay R350 for an Aura Healing every 3 months – a healing that will help you a long way towards your own spiritual and emotional health. Like any other practice or business out there, we have different modalities and options available for people with different income levels, in order to improve their emotional, spiritual and physical health.

If I compare our prices to any hairdresser, nail technician, gym or fat freeze facility (that works with the physical body), we are really not out there at all. It’s people’s perception about spirituality is “free” and energy is “free” and I shouldn’t pay for that. I can assure you that the fixing of how you use your emotional energy is not free and it takes time. That is years and years and years of conditioning from religious institutes, that created this perception. Salvation might be “free”, but my dear you are paying for it in tithes and other energy avenues that you are not even aware of.

Like any other legit and professional institute, we have skilled, qualified practitioners, who are able to assist clients with more advanced procedures to support their health. Modalities which clients are free to invest into, or not.

Our physical, emotional and spiritual health is our own responsibility as humans, and we can employ someone to help us drastically improve that condition e.g. private gym coach, or we can choose to stop at a local take away drive through every afternoon and misuse our financial resources that way.  The choice lies with each of us individually.

Eleven years ago, I started investing into my own emotional and spiritual health, and it was the best thing I’ve ever decided to do. Not only for me, but for my children and my WHOLE FAMILY. Everyone benefited from my investment.

Looking back today, I am so glad that I had to courage to make this investment into myself because I truly am a much much better person, and I can see the fruits of my work in my children and their conduct. I look back and can see that I was worth it! My family was worth it! I can see the difference in how my husband handles situations in his life. I see the fruits in my client’s lives on a daily basis. This is not some random formula that I pulled out of the air. I’ve been studying at a spiritual university, and as such have qualified myself as a specialist in these modalities. I am proud to bring my immediate community these  – to their doorstep! They don’t have to travel overseas every time to receive these live changing interventions!

Blaming other people as being too “expensive” for the reason you are not healing and progressing is not a very clever strategy. Your emotional and spiritual health is STILL your own responsibility. We will all account for our time in the physical one day. And then, pointing your finger at others for making healing “too expensive” for you to afford, is not going to get you very far. If you are more curious about this comment, I really suggest you do a class called Empower Thyself as we have a whole teaching around this process after death.

If you have a bad skin condition, its not very clever to blame the expensive plastic surgeons or dermatologists in your town as to why you are not healing the condition? You have the skin problem, you want to have it healed (and look pretty and be happy with yourself), you have to generate the funds to pay for the professional help, right?

My experience with people and money is this: People will complain about “how expensive” something is, without understanding the benefit or complexity of the service. The same people who complain that “everything is expensive” is also the people who will not even book a cheaper modality to try out the energy but will rather squander their money out on needless expenses – normally items of which the value does not exceed 7 days.

You don’t have to start with the top modalities, you can start with a R350 Aura Healing to test the “fruit” or benefit of the work. But straight out dishing any spiritual or emotional work because “it is expensive” is your negative ego that is cheating you out of progress. It is the thing that keeps you repeating the same cycles in your life over and over again.

Don’t be caught out by the “it’s too expensive” excuse. NOTHING is too expensive when it comes to your soul’s healing and progression on this earth. You are WORTH investing into yourself for! Stop saying that you are not worthy of progress and healing. Free yourself from limited thinking. You can do ANYTHING if you just believed in yourself! Your limited thinking about yourself (self worth) is the problem, not the money. Don’t hide behind the money excuse – don’t let that keep you from your living your best life ever!

Love and Moonlight,


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