Imperfect Perfect

Imperfect Perfect

We visited family in the Eastern Cape to attend my Brother-in-Law’s 40th Birthday Bash.  Naturally, it was a great time for all the kids of the Jordaan Clan to get together and do things we don’t normally do together (we live quite far from each other geographically).  We went up the East Coast to a beautiful part of Port Elizabeth, called Van Standens Mond (Van Stadens Estuary) and had a ball of a time with the kids.

Because of my recent operation, I now have time to edit the beautiful pictures.  What comes to me is the term “imperfect perfect” which currently is quite theme in my life. I’m married to a “slightly” OCD husband, my work leaves little margin for errors and by nature “I want to get it right”. A recipe for a disaster. Always wanting to be perfect or without mistakes and errors is a disease of our time. I mean why do we detest it so much? Fear of failure, fear of repercussion, perhaps you were shouted at and humiliated as a kid if you were not “as on top of things” as all the other kids? Whatever the cause, if you suffer from even the slightest tendency to “be perfect” child, spouse, mother, colleague;  I invite you to take a step back. Assess why you feel the need to perfect and control everything in your life. There is nothing wrong with wanting to do things with pride and to the best of your ability, but from experience, I know that it is VERY difficult to keep the balance out of work, into our family and personal life. We tend to make the hotdogs at Sunday lunch, the campsite with friends and the sports field a backdrop for our impulsive need to control – and in the process, we damage relationships and people around us because of our need to be perfect, instead of achieving the purpose: to have joy and fun!

Where are you allowing your wound or need for perfection to hurt your child, spouse, and colleague? Where are you not showing grace for others to learn and grow on their own timeline? To bring the post back to these photos: there is nothing perfect about the technical side of these photos but: I bet you in 20 years from now, these will be our favorites. These photos will be what we show on the Twenty First Slide Shows for our kids. Because it’s not about getting it technically correct, it is about capturing the moment.

In this instance, I believe we have ….. well, perfection.

We offer a powerful healing modality called a life activation. This activates your spiritual DNA that helps you to identify these unserving patterns and personal high-jacking tendencies we have as humans. If you are ready for the next level of your growth and progression, this is the start. Our sessions can be booked online via

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