I Choose

I Choose

Sometimes in life we are faced with difficult choices. Choices which at first, due to inexperience comes easy, but as we progress and invest more time and energy in the people or situation, might become more challenging. At first it is easy to love with an open heart, but with time we can accumulate gut-wrenching, heart aching experiences in life. Our natural instinct is to close up. To harden, in an attempt to protect ourselves from hurting again.


In my mind, the warrior or warrioress is one who, in these times, dig DEEP inside. The warrior will muster the courage to take up the flag they were waving publicly.  It was in a time like this, that the following piece came to me. Within a couple of minutes, I had the following down on paper:



I choose to serve
no matter the cost.
I climb the hill without the knowing.
My will,
the only thing that keeps me going.

My eyes fixed on the light at the end of the tunnel,
I know I’ll reach the top
but first, I must pass the funnel.

I choose to try
my mind…….
my mind really doesn’t know why.

I choose to trust,
my past I can release,
to leave it right there is a must.

I choose to follow my heart,
down a long and crooked path.
Following the sacred call of my soul.
I choose to expose myself to the certain uncertainty,
and take up the know thyself adventure,
to eliminate latent insecurity.

I choose to conquer:
only ME this day.
I choose the freedom in forgiveness,
which comes this way.

I choose a life of grace,

and not of boring,
A life of service, trust,

and all its glory.

As I rise, an expression of the Divine Mother’s love,
I cross a bridge to face my Father’s heart.
I walk forward to accept my crown of glory.
I choose no longer to be abhory.

I choose my life,
I choose my gifts.

I choose me……….but I also choose: YOU.


Mirror of the Moon, 2019

May this encourage you to make wise choices – not just in serving others, but also in serving yourself. Namaste.

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