This past weekend, my daughter played in a local hockey festival. It happened to co-inside with my birthday and we had a good time cheering on everyone next to the field. One of her games was against a school, not to far away from where we live.

When I got home, my cousin posted to her Facebook profile that her daughter played against her cousin, who didn’t even know it. She mentioned my daughter and we connected that not only did she play against my daughter, but also the other cousin – who happened to be part of the opposition too! So in effect, my daughter was playing against two of her cousins, and she didn’t know it! They totally smashed the game and afterwards when we connected the dots, it made me wonder about if the fact that she knew she was playing against family, would have made her play with a bit more “forgiveness” than what she would approach a normal opponent.

I always try to relate things in my life, to life in general, just so that I don’t get up in the detail too much, but to keep a bigger picture in mind. The reality is that we are all family. We are all brothers and sisters, who came to earth on a special mission and the hope is that we will succeed. However, sometimes we get so fixated on the politics and playing the person that we get side tracked and worse, start to turn on each other in the most hideous ways.

In my life, I have experienced both the sweetest parts of belonging to this earthly family, but on the shadow side, have also experienced, the fruits of vile poison, of people who choose to forget that they are part of a family. People who sadly chose to soil that sacred agreement, by choosing deceit, betrayal and deception. Brothers and sisters who, instead of focusing on upping their own game, have chosen the slander against who they deem a threat, and the break down of fruits that other have worked hard for.

I can not help but wonder: would we as people still continue to make these hurtful choices if we lived in true alignment and remembrance that we are all family? One big family on earth, all armed with a divine purpose,  exceptionally unique gifts, talents and an unlimited Source of Light to plug into – a source from which we can flow this light and love to others. Would we still continue to treat each other in the same way?

Taking part in competition to practice our skills and to improve our technique is a great thing. But when that competition starts to become unhealthy to the point where we will gossip, slander, divide, project and win at ALL COSTS – that is when the competition is not healthy anymore. And that dear Sisters, is where I believe we’ve gone all wrong. The people in power (currently mostly men) are continuing to make hurtful choices that affects the future of our children, because we stand divided by jealousy, deceit and insecurity.

How about taking a different approach: thanking your opposition, enemy, competition for showing up and presenting you with an opportunity to face the reality of your competence, while giving you the opportunity to expand and be better than your old dimensions? Why turn destructive and accumulate Karma for yourself? There is a different way and I believe the different way is in repositioning your relation to competition. Your angle and how you view it.

Until we don’t heal that wound, this earth will not see the peace and unification, it so desperately need and require. Inside of each of us lies the key and the choice to make the difference. By changing our daily choices, we can collectively shift the current status quo of our planet. Until then, innocent people will continue to suffer. WE have to wake up to our divine potential, we have to wake up to our unique gifts and the unlimited source of energy available to us all. There is one sure way to way up individual potential – the Life Activation. A protocol established by King Salomon and a group of forefront healers/scientists more than 3000 years ago. Awakening our divine code within us is possible; we just have to be willing to seek and embrace change.

Love and Moonlight,


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