Focus Points of Truth

Focus Points of Truth

Apart from being a healer, I am mother, a corporate change consultant and I tell myself I’m more than a hobbyist photographer.  Only because I’ve heard that to be a “professional photographer”,  your main income should be from photography. Which for me, it’s not. So I don’t know if the quality of your work, or the time dedication is the criteria to be a professional photographer. I’ve seen different schools of thought, but apart from the “you are not doing it full time like us” argument, some feels that delivering a consistent end product is the true mark of being a professional.


I can see the merit and argument in both sides and therefore, I just see myself as someone obsessed with capturing precious moments for myself and people. If that makes me a good or professional photographer, I am happy. If not….I’m happy.


But this post is not about a debate and definition of what it means to be a professional photographer. It is about focus.


So let me focus you on this photo (no pun intended, and not a good pun either!): I took this on a recent trip up Table Mountain. They have this amazing cottage called “The Overseers Cottage” and you can hike up (they drive your luggage – thank goodness!) and sleep there for as many nights as you can manage to find.  It is a very popular spot for tourists, so when you get two nights in summer available, you take it!


The next photo was taken at exactly the same spot, a couple of seconds later, the only difference is the focus point. Yes – you get where I’m going with this. Just now while editing it, I had to decide which to keep and which to delete. Where my first instinct was to straight out delete the first photo, a second glance, made me quite interested in the look, feel and opposing textures of it. With a bit of work, I thought, this could evolve to be quite an interesting picture!


The one thing about people that fascinates me similarly, is to see how different view points or focus points affects people’s truth, when approaching life. What fascinates me even more so, is how far people are willing to go to defend and protect their “truth”. Some people can sit and listen to someone else’ viewpoint calmly and entertain the different viewpoint they are being presented with. Others are simply not willing to focus on anything but their own view. Often acting quite erratic when they feel threatened in their view.  I sometimes hear people reverting to a “let go and let live” argument which in itself seems quite amicable, but can cause a great deal of hidden division and discord on it’s own. Some people are talking about “you believe what you want, but this is my truth”.  Even though I completely support the notion of freedom of choice, I can not but wonder about the immense pain and suffering we are bringing to ourselves, because we are choosing not to explore and familiarise ourselves with real truth. What is truth you say? For me, measuring if I am getting closer to truth, would be to see if my action and application of that belief, yields results. Good, positive, consistent results. And that takes a mix of time, knowledge and experience.  Because knowledge without application really doesn’t mean anything. We have to experience – we have to see for ourselves to believe. it is for this reason that I am so passionate about teaching the Empower Thyself class in The Modern Mystery School. I know the truths that I work with, has been tried, handed down and tested by many masters and people in society for over 3000 years. This sacred knowledge has given me personally evidence of positive, consistent good fruit for over 8 years, and therefore I can vouch for 100%. I’m not simply relaying a message that was given to me. It’s truth and fruit is alive in my life today and it can be seen by anyone sharing it with me.


Sure everyone is on a journey to evolve and we are most certainly not at the same place at the same time, nor are we so enlightened that we can stop learning and claim completion in our current truth.  But somewhere, somehow, deep inside, I think we can all agree that there must be one truth. The question is: are you focused on finding real truth in your life? Are you even flowing in the same direction as the universal truths of life – because that can be a very uphill journey if you are not. The key is to find truth and build your life on that foundation. In doing so, you will find fruits of joy, freedom, happiness and peace every step you take.


If you have the need to change the circumstances of your life, if you want to find your own inner truth aligned with external truth and refocus your direction in life to yield positive fruits – join us for Empower Thyself on Thuesday and Wednesday, 9-10 April 2019. We still have two spots left!

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