Flying Solo

Flying Solo

I see a trend amongst people in the so called “conscious” movement at the moment, and the theme seems to be:

  • “It’s all about me”
  • “I don’t need anyone to tell me what I must do”
  • “I’m a rebel, activist, disrupter (and I cringe on this one: AGENT OF CHANGE)”
  • “I can decide for myself”
  • “You don’t know better for me”
  • “Only I can decide for me”
  • “There are no “Gurus”
  • “I don’t need to pay anyone to get healings/knowledge about spiritual matter or tell me how to have a relationship with God”

And the list goes on.

Truth be told, for the most I agree with all these statements in it’s essence. But, I also see the great danger that they pose if hijacked by self sabotage a.k.a. the negative ego. The notion or essence of the principle statement is good, without the distortion of the human subconsciousness. In other words – if we as humans can keep it straight without the interference of our past hurts. As a person who is very much about independence and empowerment myself, I totally get why these have become so popular in the New Age movement. As a person who totally believes in “free will” and “do as you please but do no harm” – I believe and support the above statements….. in theory.

As an initiate in an ancient lineage, it has given me the opportunity to sit at the feet of great master teachers and learn from a page in THEIR book. And I have to say: What a magnificent story they have! Had I bought into the distortion of the above, my ego would not have allowed me the humbleness to see and admit that I don’t have life as figured out as I thought I did. If I marched on forward in life without pausing to reflect OR sacrificing to invest in my personal growth and potential, I would not have been able to learn the lessons I’ve learned from great teachers as I’ve done. In hindsight – I would have destroyed myself by now and I would have hurt so many good people around me with great karmic effect. All if I bought into the distortion and the lies created by these statements without context. If I continued on the old path, I would not have been where I am today.

Think about it practically for a minute. You want to be a doctor or an engineer. But before going to university, you start to use the above statements to justify why you should be credible as a certified professional, without attending proper theoretic and practical tutoring by people who have for many years intensely studied the subject matter you are interested in. Universities (as institutions) safeguard the compounded knowledge of every subject known to mankind through the centuries and commonly accepted truths to date. You go to university as an engineer, because you don’t want to build a building that can physically hurt people, should it collapse! It can be the grandest design, but if it is not safe for people to use and enter, it’s worthless!

Yes I agree, Universities and Tertiary institutes do not have all the answers of the Universe, but neither do any of us alone! I think we can all agree that to a certain extend, it is wise to employ what knowledge is available, so that someone innocent doesn’t end up paying a price with their life for a mistake you made because you didn’t employ common knowledge and principles that is already know to mankind. Yes I totally understand that most people have been betrayed and hurt by people in authority. However, you can not possibly go through life and be happy, peaceful and successful (financially, emotionally, physically) by only being an island or an authority unto yourself. Everybody needs somebody. And because this is such an important decision to make, my suggestion is CHOOSE WISELY!

In the same way as with a teacher, professor, tutor or later a practical coach/mentor is required to create a professional rounded off doctor, lawyer and engineer, I can say that being spiritually mentored by people like Founder Gudni, Ipsissimis, Dave Lanyon and Ipssisimis Hideto Nakagome has given me priceless insight, wisdom and knowledge of how to manage and master BOTH the physical and spiritual realities. Knowledge that will continue to serve me, my family and my clients and THEIR families, now and for eternity. I feel safe and confident in my service to humanity because I know that even if I don’t right out have a solution for a problem, I can approach them to help me find other safe and positive solutions for my clients. Basically – I can keep my own fragile little ego in check and not let it damage another individual (AND MYSELF) indefinitely!

In South Africa I’ve had the incredible honour of being mentored by the great Dr. Rita van den Berg and yes, we might not always agree about everything, but we remain committed in our efforts towards the service humanity and I’ve learned more from her in one day, than what I’ve learned in university for a year as a freshman student. I am still honoured that no matter what happens, I can always come to her as a both colleague and student to work out a way that best serves every client. That is such a great honour, as together we are able to come to much better resolutions on matters. So I say – be your own person, follow your own heart, ditch your mind and have the wisdom to submit yourself in humbleness to the authority and direction of someone with much more knowledge, experience and wisdom than you have! Otherwise you will always keep swimming in the same circles of thought that caused you pain and harm in the first place!

It is your responsibility to elevate your thoughts and get your frequency high enough to serve another human being in their pain. Stop blaming the world, find a mentor (AND STICK TO THEM) and perhaps, you’ll learn in time that it is not “they” and “them” that is bad and evil in the world, but your own choices and thoughts that created your hurtful reality. God forbit you see what you inflicted on others in your pain. Employ someone officially or unofficially to help you free yourself from your delusions!

THAT ladies and gentleman takes TRUE COURAGE and is true empowerment and freedom!

I don’t know everything. God knows I don’t know much in the greater scheme of the universe, but I know this: FLYING SOLO is a recipe to crash and burn. Get yourself out of your own inflicted isolation today! Contact me if you want to know more about how to take true healthy charge of your life and destiny.

Love and Moonlight, Leonie

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