Faux of Fear

Faux of Fear

So with a “little”  bit of time on hand. I am catching up on admin duties, photo editing and other sort-out-your-life-before-January kind of tasks, all on this New Years Day. Because who needs rest, right?

While “resting” I allow myself a little bit of entertainment watching Elizabeth: The Golden Age on Netflix. About 8 minutes into the Movie I absolutely love how she basically “bats” her trusted advisors and counsellors off! I love person who knows who and what they are!  She knew her purpose in life and she carried her duties with grace and courage. Elizabeth truly was an example of such a woman –  unstoppable!

Even the great philosopher Aristotle said:

” The general quality of men (and woman) are naturally apt to be swayed by fear rather than reverence, and to refrain from evil rather because of the punishment that it brings than because of its own foulness”.

She had many threats, betrayals and half of her countrymen turning Catholic at the time. They kept wanting her to perform unjust acts to preserve her reign (and obviously their positions as her council!) and they tried to use clever fear and scare tactics to manipulate her into actions that she did not approve of. She refused to let their fears strong arm her into a decision she was not willing to make. And think about it today – how easy is it for us to be manipulated into thinking “we had no other choice” when we look at the negative aftermath of a situation we co-created with our decisions made. This rings especially true on executive level in the business world – when you are in a position of leadership and it is especially hard to make “the right” decision. Because “the right” decision is often determined by the bottom line. There is a lot of legislation, red tape, social norms and people are so scared of offending someone with their decisions.

In the movie, she said the following words to her niece: “May we have wisdom not to fear shadows in the night and courage when the day of danger truly dawn.” Whether or not those were her actual words at the time, I don’t know. But it sent chills down my spine. This woman understood the meaning of life.

Aristotle said:

Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others.

My message to you this year is also: “may you have wisdom to identify the shadows in your life and may you have the courage to face and conquer your shadows so that you can life a live of pure light in the physical”. May you learn to look at situations, obstacles and challenges in your life, and be able to identify which ones are faux or fear. May you be able to see, which matters require your attention and energy and which not. In other words: May you have discernment.

As I write this today, I wish that you have one big gift in this life: may you experience heaven on earth. Even though you may think that your little perfect world that you created is the ultimate – let me assure you – there is so much more out there for you to discover. If you’ll only open your heart and mind, the Universe will oblige and show you your magick.

Love and Moonlight,


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