What is Etheric Reconstruction

What is Etheric Reconstruction?

Etheric reconstruction works in the emotional and soul energy system. Our etheric system is a very fragile and complex set of layers in the 1-3 rd layers of our aura body. Everything physical has an etheric “blueprint”. If we want to change what is hurting in our life, we must heal the damage in the etheric structure.


Everything that blocks in the spirit body, stops flow in the physical body and we start to have negative experiences or emotions in our life, or we struggle to make money, have happy relationships etc.  Chronic issues or patterns are coming from a “defect” in the etheric field. If we correct the structure, we can get your body to work according to the original blueprint.


Etheric reconstruction is performed within your most sacred area – the Celestial Code Region. This is where core issues that you created in your formative years are stored. These core issues start when you are developing your relationship to God before the age of 7 and when you experience situations that in the child’s mind are confusing and negative. These experiences undermine your belief in God and the belief in yourself.

Can I do Etheric Reconstruction on myself?

It is impossible to do etheric reconstruction on yourself (kind of like a doctor doing an operation himself). However, if you have an emotional issue that you are aware of, and you have the discipline not to engage with that emotion for 7+ years, it is deemed to be resolved in your auric structure. So, it is not impossible to heal it in yourself, it is just not as easy to do, especially as these emotions are often part of a conglomerate of other issues and emotions and is hard to identify ourselves.

Why Etheric Surgery?

This process starts the journey to restore us to 100% of our goodness. It saves souls. Approximately 90% of all physical illnesses come directly from the negative energies held in the etheric field. Removing these negative energies allows you to move forward in life with fewer repeats of the old patterns, as well as with a healthier physical body. This healing is not just removing attachments or obstacles in this life, but will greatly support your progression in the afterlife. It is needed in order to restore our connection to God (Source), our Divinity and ultimately our purpose! This session will help you to identify your core issues and when you are ready to release these issues with immediate effect, you can progress on to the Celestial Code Session where you can completely get rid of the issues in your mental structure.

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