Digital Drama

Digital Drama

Today’s post I suppose can be seen as a bit confrontational and frank. If you feel offended I do apologise. It is not intended to provoke conflict or separation.

I see a big hype being made about certain messaging platforms and their supposed violation of privacy. The platform is discredited based on the fact that they will not allow use of their platform without an exchange of personal data. Thus “violating” the user’s privacy rights. This made a lot of people choose to react with extreme behaviours.

Some people choose to:

  • leave the platform (and in total contradiction, sign up to another)
  • started a campaign to “warn others’ about the dangers of these platforms
  • make very nose-in-the-air announcements about the fact that they are leaving the platform because they “will not be controlled”
  • threaten to leave “everything” to go live “off the grid” and thus sticking their heads in the sand like an ostrich

Now each unto his/her own, I try my best to have no judgement about anyone’s decisions but I’m really confused by some of the mixed messages in these actions.

Why do people choose to:

  1. Share their views (quite strongly) with the world through another social media platform.  (It might surprise some people but that exact replacement platform, uses personal data, because users are getting a benefit from the service/functionality of the product for free!) The “free” service to post pictures of your children, advertise our products and push our own personal, political or religious agenda is not “free”. So we are then are literally just replacing one “violating” platform for the other. How else do these companies pay for hardware, staff and other resources to keep the engines of the “free” platform running? Everyone in the Tech world uses the same formula or business model for enrichment.
  2. Invest their energy behind their agenda to try to influence others to think the same, about what is good and what is wrong. (Which again I find bizarre, because I think there are a lot more effective ways to bring light and empowerment into this world).
  3. Removing oneself from one platform. How does that help? Don’t you trust yourself enough to be able to discern when you are being “programmed” by a platform such as Social Media? Do you know that when you walk into a grocery store you can fall trap to “programming” in the way the shop lays out and displays their goods, the music they play, the kinds of lights they put on the meat etc?
  4. If you don’t want people to have access to your details – what do you have to hide? Do you know that your details are a matter of public record (if you are registered as a tax payer)? So you don’t want them to get data about your habits, patterns and browsing/shopping behaviour? It only is of use if thousands of other people exhibits the same patterns as you – that is what they will use as information to predict potential shopper behaviour. SO don’t worry – if you go offline – thousands of other people will behave they same way you would have – and they will still have their research data.

I struggle to understand how jumping on board of these pushed agendas, will work if we as humans have not first learned about discernment. If we don’t truly understand who and what we are (and what potential lies within us) – none of this will bear positive fruit on the long run. Not for the individual, and not for the masses. And the truth of the matter is: very little exists is just all wrong and just all good. Our live exists in the yin and the yang – in the positive and the negative atoms that makes up matter. So extreme reactions of always throwing “the whole baby out with the bath water”, will keep your emotional pendulum swinging from one extreme side to the other. Where will one find the peace inside yourself?

Peace starts within. WORLD PEACE starts within you and me. You can not expect the world to have peace, if you don’t have peace within yourself.

Love and Moonlight,


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