Despondent Times

Despondent Times

I don’t know if it’s happened to you, but it certainly happened to me in my life many times. You are sitting in front of the computer. You’ve just poured your heart out on this 200-page document in front of you that you’ve been editing, refining and perfecting….. and then BOOM. You hit the “save” button, patiently waiting for your precious work to save and then…….nothing.

And by nothing, I really mean nothing……

The “wheel of death” (as I call the waiting on computers) is turning but clearly – nothing inside the machine is doing the same.

You are faced with the most agonizing decision: do you wait for the machine to rescue and save the document on its own (knowing this can take hours and you have no guarantees) or do you take the chance, pray to God that it saved the document before pressing the ‘close document” option in the top right-hand corner.

Only to realize when you try to open it again that ALL YOUR HARD WORK IS GONE and worse. The document corrupted! Completely!

Not only do you need to redo everything, you need to go back to way older versions of the document (if you are lucky enough to have it!) and redo your masterpiece!!!!!

What is that emotion called?  Yes, DESPAIR. For sure.

In the past this would have caused quite a big emotional reaction in my body or my aura body more specifically. Honestly. I closed the document and I left it for two weeks. I didn’t touch it.

Yesterday, I decided to tackle the older version again (luckily I had a printed version I could use as reference).

It’s been 24 hours and I have to say – my document has never looked better!

And then it hit me. Again. I know, I know – like so many times before! (I should be a bit dizzy by now if I”m honest!)

But yes, sometimes death of the old is needed for birth of the new. And in my experience – that rebirth is almost always 100% a better version of the old version (that had all the dead wood).

So next time when you stand on the edge of a “disaster” faced with the big D (despair)!

Put it down. Walk away. Give it time to rest and come back when you have a fresh eye, you are not tired anymore and recoup!

You will do some of YOUR best work ever!

This is how you replace despair with HOPE!

Love and Moonlight, Leonie
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